The Dangers In My Heart – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of The Dangers in My Heart begins with Kyotaro reflecting on the library being his safe space, and how he doesn’t want anyone to enter it. At the same time, he spies on Yamada and notices she’s eating toddler food. Yamada struggles to find water to craft for her meal, and she spills water on the floor. Kyotaro cleans it up, and Yamada arrives and says she planned to clean it later. She notices they only have three minutes of recess time left and hurries to get the water.

Kyotaro rushes to the Home Economics room to get her a glass. He returns to discover Yamada managed to get enough water to make her treat. Yamada notices Kyotaro drinking from a glass and hands him her trash. She says he can keep it. Kyotaro ponders his plan to eliminate Yamada while in class. Meanwhile, Yamada struggles to fan herself from the heat, so her friend Moeko assists her.

While Yamada, Moeko, and the others fan each other, Kyotaro wonders why Yamada likes eating alone when she has many friends. He wonders if Yamada’s planning to murder him in the library. Yamada asks someone for their shirt, and Kyotaro overhears his male classmates pondering something.

His classmate Adachi attempts to sneak a peek at Yamada just as Kyotaro drops his box cutter on the ground to get Adachi’s attention. Kyotaro’s plans work, and he heads out of class. He highlights Yamada’s closest friend Kobayashi. He likes to refer to Kobayashi as Yamada’s boyfriend and notes how Kobayashi doesn’t ever complain.

In the library, Yamada asks Kyotaro to pass his fan over, and she says it’s one of those fans that smell amazing. Yamada tells Kyotaro to take a whiff, and as he smells the fan he notices that Yamada’s wearing her swimming attire underneath her school attire. Yamada receives a phone call from Moeko and hides under the table. She asks Kyotaro to hide with her, but he refuses.

Kobayashi enters the room and asks Kyotaro where Yamada is. Kobayashi sits at the table, and Kyotaro feels bothered. Kobayashi shares a tale about her and Yamada and says she likes eating. Kobayashi states how jealous she is of Yamada’s personality and looks, while Yamada reveals herself and confirms Kobayashi’s claims that she likes hearing people praise her. Yamada and Kobayashi leave while Kyotaro runs to the restroom.

After Summer Break, the students prepare for the upcoming cultural festival. Kyotaro’s class is in charge of working on the haunted house. Yamada asks Kyotaro if he can help with the decorations. Kyotaro assists Hara with advice but gets distracted by Hara’s chest. Suddenly, Yamada jumps out and scares Kyotaro.

Hara finishes and leaves, just as Yamada notices a gravestone drawing with her family’s last name written on it. Kyotaro wonders if Hara wrote it because she has a vendetta against Yamada. Adachi grabs Kyotaro and wonders if he wrote it. To avoid a conflict between both girls, Kyotaro admits he did it. Adachi wants to beat Kyotaro up to impress Yamada but fortunately, Hara arrives and tells the class she wrote it and plans to erase the names.

Kyotaro helps Hara erase them, as Yamada huddles near him and apologizes while Kobayashi tells her to come over and practice her haunted house routine. Kyotaro writes his family’s name on the gravestone and heads to one of the stalls to wash his hands. He questions what Yamada meant by her apology when suddenly, Yamada startles him and wonders if she’d be scarier if she was bloody.

She starts messing with the paint, so Kyotaro shows her how to make the paint look more like actual blood. They have a small intimate moment together, and Kyotaro leaves. The culture festival begins, and Kyotaro spots Haruya. Haruya joins Yamada and her friends in the fun and although Kyotaro has his qualms with Haruya, he recognizes that Haruya’s not all bad since he helped retrieve his bike from the river.

Kyotaro and Yamada head into an exhibit that highlights their town. They find a map on the ground, and Kyotaro learns he lives close to Yamada. Kiyotaro asks if he can take a picture, and Yamada takes his phone so they can shoot a selfie. This weirds him out since he wanted to take a photograph of the map. The episode concludes with Kyotaro stating how his class didn’t win their school’s top prize.

The Episode Review

This episode continues delivering the same wholesome and awkward aroma as the previous chapter. Viewers receive more quirky exchanges between Yamada and Kyotaro that’ll make hearts warm… or faces cringe! The humor can be a bit hit or miss as its falls in line with what you’d expect from characters of this age range. Some jokes will land while others will make you wish they weren’t included.

Nonetheless, it was nice getting to know a little more about Yamada’s relationship with her friend group. It’s unfortunate that she tends to eat alone in the library, but it’s nice to know that she treats her friends with respect. At the same time, I question if Yamada holds any insecure feelings about herself. This would make her poor eating habits make a lot of sense.

Considering she’s a model and a student, she may live a difficult life and uses food to help calm her nerves. On the other hand, it could simply be that she loves food. Either way, Yamada has a lot of potentials to be a memorable character by the series’ end. On top of his shy and edgy personality, Kyotaro’s monologues are a joy to listen to and it helps his character stand out from other male romantic comedy protagonists.

Overall, this was an enjoyable episode with some decent humor and compelling scenes. Despite its strange atmosphere and questionable comedy, this episode gives fans some things to think about in the coming weeks. It also gives viewers more cheery moments between Yamada and Kyotaro. I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.

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