The Dangers In My Heart – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Karte 1: I Was Stolen Away

Episode 1 of The Dangers In My Heart begins with our protagonist trying to cope with his murderous habits. He spots Anna Yamada, a popular girl at his school, and someone he wants to murder the most. He dreams about murdering her every night and doesn’t like himself for it.

Our protagonist flees to the library and spots Yamada eating some onigiri. He hides behind a bookshelf and spies on Anna. He finds her humming and hand gestures strange, proceeding to conjure a scheme to murder her. He notices Yamada’s working on a social studies project and forgot her box cutter. He ponders what would happen if he lent Yamada his box cutter.

After seeing her rip paper the old-fashioned way, our protagonist lends Yamada his cutter. Yamada thanks him, and he retreats behind the bookshelf. The bell rings, and Yamada leaves with his box cutter in her pencil case.

Yamada runs into one of her friends, but she scolds her for her snacking habits, so she finishes the chips and hands them to our protagonist so he can throw them out.

A day passes, and our protagonist still hasn’t received his box cutter back. He heads to class and sees it just lying on his desk. He notes how it feels warm and wonders if Yamada had it in her hand the whole way here. He’s also shocked that she knew what desk he sits in.

At the same time, their social studies teacher declares that it’s time for everyone to present their group projects. Yamada notices her project looks different, and one of her friends tells her that she redid the whole thing since it looked messy. This angers our protagonist because he knows Yamada worked diligently on this project.

As Yamada’s classmate presents their project, the protagonist notices that Yamada looks depressed, leaving him angered. The group presents their project, and he spots Yamada crying in the distance.

Suddenly, someone hears helicopters flying in the distance. Everyone looks in Yamada’s direction. The protagonist uses his box cutter to tear up his project so no one will spot Yamada crying. His group partners scold him while Yamada asks her friend about the helicopter, proving he did it all for nothing.

The protagonist sees Yamada and her friends goofy around and getting touchy. He overhears one of his classmates discussing his dirty thoughts about Yamada, and his comments infuriate him. The protagonist flees to the library and runs into Yamada again. This time a fellow classmate named Hara arrives and chats with Yamada.

A boy arrives–and our protagonist wonders if he’ll ask Hara out. The boy explains what he finds attractive, and our protagonist wants him to stop talking. Yamada overhears something in the back and signals the protagonist to act like a cat. Yamada goes in the back to show him how to make a cat noise.

Hara and her lover fall for Yamada’s scheme and think the cats are about to fight. Hara and her lover leave the library, just as Yamada tells our protagonist that she’s glad it worked out and leaves. Later, our protagonist is walking down the street, questioning why he and Yamada keep crossing paths.

He heads into a nearby bookstore to find the CiEL magazine Yamada discussed with her friends the other day. He finds the magazine, Yamada, and other girls in the store and hides somewhere. He watches Yamada acting strange toward them and wonders if she’s trying to get noticed. She continues the act for a while but eventually leaves.

Our protagonist heads home and looks into the CiEL magazine and sees several photos of Yamada. He throws it out and questions why he’s getting worked up by the situation. In a flashback, we learn our protagonist’s name is Kyotaro Ichikawa. Kyotaro heads to school and spots Yamada with another boy named Haruya.

Kyotaro questions if he’s her boyfriend. He overhears them talking about LINE. Kyotaro follows them and overhears them discussing things like social media and ice cream.

They stop, and Haruya demands Yamada add him on Line. Kyotaro doesn’t want to admit that he cares about Yamada’s situation. He believes he’s a messed up person, and resorts to sending his bike toward the two at incredible speeds. It misses and lands in the water.

One of Yamada’s friends tells her about the situation, and Yamada asks Kyotaro why he did it. He cracks a quick joke, and Yamada laughs. The episode concludes with Yamada telling Kyotaro that he’s a funny person.

The Episode Review

So far, this anime’s off to an intriguing start. Both characters have distinct personalities and splendid chemistry off the bat. It was strange that Kyotaro abandoned his desire to kill Yamada after examining her in the library, magazine shop, and other locales. However, it could be that he suffers from intrusive thoughts due to his poor social skills.

Having said that, the comedy may not resonate with most folks. Although it reflects the type of humor you’d expect from high school students, many may feel it’s too awkward or inappropriate.

Nonetheless, the episode contains several hilarious facial expressions and embarrassing shenanigans that will appeal to many. Those who found themselves participating in childlike affairs like Kyotaro and Yamada will adore their intimate moments the most.

Furthermore, the anime introduces several goals for our characters to achieve. Viewers can anticipate Kyotaro’s interactions with Yamada will help him overcome his shady thoughts. As for Yamada, she’s not the brightest girl in school and may have eating problems. It’d be great to see our characters overcome their distinct internal issues over time.

Overall though, this was a fine episode of The Dangers In My Heart. Its protagonists and comedy may feel like a mixed bag now, but there’s potential for our cast and the humor to improve down the line. Nevertheless, this anime’s piqued my interest. I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for Kyotaro, Yamada, and their friends.

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