The Dangers In My Heart – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Karte 10: We Walked Slowly

Episode 10 of The Dangers In My Heart begins with Kyotaro waiting for Yamada to arrive in Hachiko to receive the next manga volume from her. He notices Yamada standing around and approaches her. Yamada asks Kyotaro to follow her to a place in the city. As they walk, Kyotaro removes his hood and mask to avoid looking creepy. Yamada tells Kyotaro to hold onto the bag so they won’t get lost.

They arrive at an eatery because Yamada wants to eat the place’s pancakes. While in line, Yamada discusses some dating myths with Kyotaro about amusement parks and waiting in line. Kyotaro asks Yamada about how she did her hair. Yamada says her mother did it for her and confirms her mother’s only strict when they’re out in public. Yamada says his mother’s kind at home and likes calling her Anna-chan, which Kyotaro finds cute. At their table, Kyotaro notices how expensive everything is and orders cheap meals.

When the waitress leaves, Yamada notices Kyotaro loves wearing dark clothes. She admits she likes wearing dark clothing too, and Kyotaro says it must look great on her because she’d probably make it look stylish and cool. Kyotaro contemplates his day with Yamada so far while she explains how her stylist has the same sentiments. Kyotaro starts regretting meeting Yamada outside of school since he feels he can’t connect with her on a personal level. The waitress returns with their food, and Yamada asks Kyotaro to take a photo of her eating her meal for her socials. Kyotaro says it’d be best to shoot a video, and Yamada agrees.

Kyotaro tells Yamada it might be a bad idea to upload those videos. Yamada says she’s not uploading them because she wants to send them all to him. Yamada and Kyotaro visit a clothing shop, and he says she looks fine in the outfit while feeling bad that he made Yamada pay for their meal. Yamada finds two dresses and asks Kyotaro which one he finds cuter. He points toward the pink one, so Yamada changes into it in one of the booths. When she’s finished dressing up and exits the booth, she spots Kyotaro attempting to leave because of his thoughts regarding Yamada changing clothes.

Yamada tells Kyotaro to wait near the booth. Kyotaro notices his sister and her friends entering the store, and Yamada finishes putting on the other dress. Kyotaro tells Yamada to keep it down because his sister’s here. Yamada wants to introduce herself, but Kyotaro refuses to let his sister know he’s with Yamada. Kyotaro’s sister grabs some shorts and heads for a booth. Yamada grabs Kyotaro and pulls him into the booth. Kyotaro apologizes to Yamada for this, but she says it’s okay. Kyotaro says Yamada can meet his sister another time. Kyotaro tells Yamada the red dress looks great on her, so Yamada plans to buy it and wear it.

Yamada and Kyotaro leave the store. Yamada apologizes to Kyotaro for dragging him out to different places. Kyotaro notices Yamada might be worried, so he opens up about some aspects of his life to ease her mind. He tells her he’s not a people person and isn’t afraid to turn down invitations. However, he said he had fun today. Yamada wraps her scarf around Kyotaro and tells him she knew he had a blast today. Kyotaro and Yamada stare at some gorgeous lights in the city and visit the train station.

Kyotaro asks Yamada for the bag with the manga and grabs it. They get into a tight predicament, causing them to split up on the train. Kyotaro grabs Yamada’s hand unknowingly, and they continue to walk home. Kyotaro says he and Yamada didn’t know when to stop holding hands. He worries she might realize how he feels about her. Yamada and Kyotaro reach his home and stop holding hands. Yamada tells Kyotaro not to tell her “Happy New Year” yet because they have got some days left in December. While Yamada pretends to be Santa, Kyotaro wonders if Yamada might know that he likes her. While Kyotaro’s reading the next volume of Kimi Iro Octave in his room, he contemplates if he could’ve handled things differently.

Kyotaro conjures up an imaginary companion who resembles him and the protagonist from Kimi Iro Octave. This person asks Kyotaro if he thinks he has a shot with Yamada. Kyotaro believes he does because they held hands. However, he argues Yamada’s touchy with everyone and might be treating him the same. The episode closes with Kyotaro struggling to fall asleep.

The Episode Review

This chapter solely focuses on Yamada and Kyotaro’s companionship, and I couldn’t be happier. While the side characters can be enjoyable occasionally, viewers will appreciate receiving another episode dedicated to exploring Yamada and Kyotaro. We learn some intel about both characters’ families, from Kyotaro’s sister to Yamada’s mother.

It’s interesting to see Kyotaro’s sister is more socially active than her brother. Typically with characters like Kyotaro, you’d expect his social awkwardness to run in the family. While the scene with his sister was brief, we can speculate she’s more capable of conversing with people easily than Kyotaro. Nevertheless, viewers can assume Kyotaro will improve his socialization skills if he continues interacting with Yamada and others from his school.

Furthermore, the anime continues teasing fans with Yamada and Kyotaro’s possible affection for each other. While Kyotaro’s openly admitted he likes Yamada on several occasions, many may wonder when Yamada will do the same. While these intimate scenarios have been great with their tension and music execution, some may be curious if Yamada may only view Kyotaro as a close companion and nothing more. We’ll have to wait to see what the future episodes say on the subject.

Overall, this was an entertaining episode of The Dangers In My Heart. Viewers will be happy to see another chapter that hones in on Yamada and Kyotaro’s developing bond. Hopefully, the follow-up episodes focus on Kyotaro’s attempts at confessing his love for Yamada, as it’s a sight many people can’t wait to see.

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