The Curse Season 1 Episode 2 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

The Curse Season 1 Episode 2

The Curse promises to be one of the most intriguing shows of the year. The show comes from the minds of the Safdie brothers, who have written the script and serve as showrunners for Season 1.

Emma Stone is the star attraction of The Curse, which has been classified as a dark satire comedy. It made its festival debut with three episodes at the New York Film Festival last month and is all set to make its on-air debut now.

The official plot of the show has been described as:

“The Curse centres on Whitney and Asher Siegel, a newlywed couple struggling to bring their vision for eco-conscious housing to the small community of Española, New Mexico. But, their efforts are complicated when an eccentrically flawed reality TV producer, Dougie, sees an opportunity in their story. As the series unfolds, the couple find themselves caught in a mysterious web of ethical and moral grey zones – all while trying to keep their relationship afloat.”

Here is everything you need to know about The Curse Season 1 Episode 2, including its release date, time, and where you can watch this.

Where Can I Watch The Curse?

The Curse will be available to watch on both Showtime and its streaming partner, Paramount+. While the former will be the cable network to tune into for on-air releases of episodes, the latter will give an option to viewers to stream the show. There are no other streaming options as of now for our readers in the US and the UK. 

The Curse Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date

The Curse Season 1 Episode 2 will be released on Sunday, November 19, 8/7c. Expect the runtime to be roughly 30 minutes for each episode, however, the first episode was an hour long.  The Curse will follow a weekly release schedule until its season finale in January next year. The new episodes of The Curse will be available to stream on Paramount+ with subtitles and the Showtime release will also be with subtitles.

It must be noted here that Paramount+ will be hosting new episodes two days before the on-air release. Episode 2 is available to stream on Paramoint+ as of now. The new episode will be coming on Sunday on Showtime. So all the upcoming episodes will be available to stream on Fridays and watch on the cable network on Sundays. 

How Many Episodes Will The Curse Have?

The Curse Season 1 will have a total of ten episodes. After episode 2, we will be left with eight more episodes. We do not expect any scheduling changes from Showtime for the next month. But if there are any, we will be sure to update our readers in this series of preview articles. 

What happened in Episode 1?

In the town of Los Alamos, Whitney and Asher Siegel aim to make a positive impact through their eco-friendly housing company and reality show, “Fliplanthropy.” They assist Fernando Castillo, struggling due to his mother’s medical bills. However, their intentions seem questionable when their producer, Dougie, stages moments for the camera and hides crucial information, like the café’s short lease.

Whitney confronts Dougie about his methods, threatening to sever ties if he continues. Their housing initiative partners with the German Passive Housing Society, but Dougie’s approach clashes with their genuine goals. During an interview with journalist Monica, questions about gentrification and Whitney’s parents’ unethical practices trigger tensions. Asher’s aggressive response to Monica jeopardizes their reputation.

Whitney suggests diverting attention to the Gaming Board’s unethical practices at a casino tied to their family, keeping it off-camera. Dougie, however, covertly records Asher’s conversation with Monica using a mic from a staged charity moment. Asher’s deceitful behaviour towards a girl selling drinks leads to her cursing him, leaving him anxious to resolve the situation.

As Whitney deals with business issues linked to her parents’ past, a bizarre encounter at her parents’ house adds strain to her relationship with Asher. Their producer Dougie presents an unimpressive edit of their show, pushing Whitney to insist Asher find and apologize to the cursed girl. Asher’s unsuccessful search and subsequent lie to Whitney create further tension.

The narrative involves conflicting intentions and actions within the Siegels’ endeavours, showcasing their struggle between genuine community support and image-driven actions for their show. The dynamics between the couple, the producer, and external challenges blur their vision of making a positive impact on their community.

Is There A Trailer For The Curse Season 1?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for The Curse Season 1 below.

Are you looking forward to this episode? What are your expectations from the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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