The Crown Season 6 Review – The historical drama’s sixth season is passable but not impressive

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Netflix’s wildly popular historical drama, The Crown, returned for a sixth season. The period drama is devised by Peter Morgan and is based on Stephen Frears’s well-known drama-fused historical movie named The Queen, which is partly based on real-life events. It dramatizes the rule of Queen Elizabeth, the longest-reigning monarch in British history. The show covers the dynamics around the throne, Her Majesty’s family issues and how these affect her choices.

There are two halves to the sixth season, which covers the years 1997–2005. Princess Diana of Wales takes centre stage in the first section. Everything that happened after her divorce from Prince Charles is shown here, all the way up to her untimely death. Part two of the season covers what happened after Princess Diana passed away, including Tony Blair’s presidency, William and Kate’s seemingly flawless courtship, Charles’s marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles, and Princess Margaret’s tragic passing.

The season’s first half features a compelling and entertaining plot. The drama hooks you in at first, but it becomes gratingly overdramatic as the episodes progress.

The first part does a good job with most of the characters and their journeys. The character development of Diana and Charles is particularly noteworthy. However, Mohammad Al-Fayed and Dodi’s character traits felt forced and lacking in depth. Also, Princes William and Harry weren’t given much screen time in Season 1’s initial part.

With Prince William at the core of the action, the storyline for the second half of Season 6 gets off to an intriguing start. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s developing romance, President Tony Blair, and the queen all take the stage as the season unfolds.

Princess Margaret, President Tony Blair, and Her Majesty’s storylines are among the more intriguing ones. The developing phase of William and Kate’s romance, among other plot points, is underdeveloped. Kate and her mother seem like stalkers throughout her character’s arc. The show totally bombs on this story arc, considering how good it could have been.

Part 2 of Season 6 focuses on the bond between Princess Margaret and the Queen. Their on-screen chemistry and character development across the seasons have been nothing short of outstanding.

The relationship between Prince Charles and Prince William is another heartwarming one this season. Also, the bond between Philip and Prince William is actually endearing. In contrast, William, Kate, and their relationship remain lackluster and underdeveloped throughout the season. This aspect in particular was extremely disappointing.

The actors in the show continue to give praiseworthy performances. Specifically, the actress playing Diana does a fantastic job of assuming her demeanor. The way her moments and facial expressions flow together is truly impressive. Additionally, the performers portraying Prince Charles, Princess Margaret, Tony Blair, the Queen, and Harry are all top-notch.

Season 6 dealt with a multitude of characters and plot points. Not all of them lived up to expectations, though. Having said that, the actors delivered terrific performances. Overall, the season was a little above average, but it failed to impress.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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