The Crown – Season 6 Episode 9 “Hope Street” Recap & Review

Hope Street

The Crown Season 6 Episode 9 focuses on three narratives. After a brief hiatus, Mohammad Al-Fayed is back in this episode. He now claims that members of the royal family were involved in the deaths of Diana and Dodi.

As a consequence of Mohommad’s constant accusations, the case is being examined by experts. Furthermore, inquiries concerning Diana are also directed towards Charles and William. It turned out that Mohommad’s employee, the driver, was under the influence of alcohol when the accident happened.

Following this, Diana’s case is closed once and for all. Before being compelled to leave the UK, Mohommad Al-Fayed publicly blames and curses the royal family.

In the story’s second half, the Queen’s fear of her jubilee takes center stage. Unfortunately, the Queen’s mother also passed suddenly, so she is now completely alone and has no one to turn to for advice or support.

The blossoming romance between Prince William and Kate is the subject of the third segment. William visits Kate at a racy fashion show as she’s participating in a walk. Not long after that, the couple kisses for the first time. However, while this is happening, William receives news of the Queen’s mother’s passing. Consequently, he returns to Buckingham Palace without delay.

After the funeral service, the Queen wishes to ask William for a favor. She reconsiders, though, after learning that he’s dealing with the negative effects of constant attention. Even though she had originally asked him to help out at the jubilee event, she lets him miss it.

William can be seen enjoying the company of Kate’s family. Nevertheless, he has a strong sense of guilt for leaving his grandmother behind and quickly returns to Buckingham Palace. The next scene depicts the royal family standing tall on the balcony in unison as the queen gives her address.

During the final moments of the episode, William asks Kate if she’ll be willing to move into his place on Hope Street with his friends. Kate gladly agrees without much thought. In the final scene, William, Kate, and their two friends move in together.

The Episode Review

In episode 9, the Crown’s narrative revolves around three plotlines. After Diana and Dodi’s deaths, Mohommad Al-Fayed tries to pin the blame on the royal family. Following this, the queen’s mother passes away, and the queen has no one to turn to for advice during her jubilee. William asks Kate to move in with him at the end.

As a whole, the episode is quite muddled. Throwing all three stories into the mix doesn’t do anything for the show, and they hardly complement each other. Additionally, the episode seems inauthentic owing to its overdramatization of critical matters.

After six long yet fascinating seasons, it will be intriguing to see how the series concludes, especially since we’re just one episode away from the finale.

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