The Crown – Season 6 Episode 8 “Ritz” Recap & Review


Two time periods serve as the primary framework for The Crown Season 6 Episode 8. We find ourselves in the present day, where Princess Margaret’s unhealthy obsession with cigarettes, sweets, and everything else befitting her age is at the forefront.

Shortly after, we see Margaret having a mild stroke while she’s spending time with her friends. The doctors suggest that she make some changes to her lifestyle. She’s been requested to stop smoking cigarettes and having sweets, and to get fit.

Although Her Majesty has asked Margaret to rest while she recovers, she decides to carry out a few royal responsibilities nonetheless. Margaret suffers from a stroke and burns her leg while in the shower on the trip. Margaret suffers burns to her leg from the stroke, which aren’t life-threatening.

Throughout the episode, Margaret has been pressing Queen Elizabeth about going to the Ritz with her so they can talk about a night Elizabeth isn’t proud of. Margaret requests that the Queen accompany her to the Ritz as her birthday draws near.

Her Majesty and Margaret go to the Ritz for her birthday. As they raise their glasses to the Queen, Margaret is going to bring up their wild night at the Ritz. She tries to accomplish this so that the people can see the extent to which the Queen has given her life for the Crown. However, Queen Elizabeth interrupts her and proceeds to compliment Margaret, describing her as an ally who has never left her side. Since this is an uncharacteristic act on the part of the Queen, it evokes intense feelings.

Her Majesty is pictured reading to Princess Margaret in her bed after arriving at Buckingham Palace. Princess Margaret makes it clear to the Queen that she is aware that her time on Earth is limited. While the princess is fast asleep, the queen quietly leaves her room, casting a quick glance back as if she senses approaching doom.

In the past timeline, we visit the year 1945 at the Ritz. The British royals are upstairs at the Ritz, but we catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth visiting the property’s basement. She enjoys herself tremendously while dancing with the Americans downstairs after getting drunk. Princess Margaret soon follows suit, and the two of them have an unforgettable time.

Princess Margaret informs her sister about kissing a man in the basement shortly after, as she and a drunk Queen Elizabeth are making their way to Buckingham Palace. The show now bridges the gap between the two timelines. Princess Margaret’s younger persona vanishes as she enters the palace, and her older self assures Elisabeth that she will always be by her side.

The episode’s rolling credits tell viewers that Princess Margaret passed away on February 9, 2002, while asleep. The fact that she was 71 years old at the time of her passing is also mentioned.

The Episode Review

The eighth episode delves into Princess Margaret, her tragic demise following a series of strokes, and the touching relationship she shared with Queen Elizabeth. In the past timeline, we get a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth’s wild night at the Ritz back in 1945.

All things considered, this is a marked improvement over the previous episode, and it has all the ingredients of one of the finest and most memorable episodes of the show. The show faithfully portrays the bond that blossomed between Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in The Crown, which allowed viewers to say their final goodbyes to Princess Margaret’s character in the episode.

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