The Crown – Season 6 Episode 7 “Alma Mater” Recap & Review

Alma Mater

In the first scene of The Crown Season 6 Episode 7, we see Kate and her mother, Carole Middleton, crossing paths with Princess Diana and Prince William. As a teenager, Kate finds William quite attractive, and she is seen sticking images of the prince into her notebook. Here, her mother tells her that she can do whatever she sets her mind to, and that includes wishing for Prince William.

In this present timeline, Prince William is weighing the pros and cons of several universities after Princess Diana’s passing. At first, it was thought he’d be joining Edinburgh. Nevertheless, Prince William ultimately enrolls at St. Andrews University.

Kate’s mother, Carole, on the other hand, also sees to it that her daughter attends the same university as Prince William. She goes to extreme lengths, like pushing her to skip a year of college and enrolling her in a university far from her social circle.

Since starting university, William’s classmates have been showering him with excessive amounts of attention, which has made him feel uncomfortable and frustrated since he is naturally reserved and quiet. William immediately develops feelings for Kate, with whom he begins to exchange smiles on morning walks and whom he notices in various university classes and on campus.

Eventually, Prince William gets his chance to speak with Kate at the library, as she has the books he was looking for, after much yearning for the beautiful woman. On the other hand, William’s connection with Kate is ruined when the woman he had been having an affair with gets bitter. Additionally, William gets extremely frustrated and acts aggressively towards a peer who asks for his autograph, which makes Kate want nothing to do with him.

Soon after, Kate begins dating, and William feels helpless because he can’t stop her. Eventually, though, while Kate is out with her lover, William makes amends for his library tantrum, and Kate forgives him, putting the past in their past.

When William goes to Balmoral Castle, he is contemplating changing universities, given that seeing Kate with another man is painful for him. On the other hand, Kate takes her boyfriend to visit her parents.

After Kate’s boyfriend leaves, Kate’s mother asks Kate if she’s in a serious relationship. Since this hits close to home, Kate snaps at her mother, accusing her of being obsessed with William and trying to set Kate up with him. Following this, Kate’s mom explains why she did what she did and reveals that William is considering transferring universities. The episode ends that night with William receiving a message from Kate asking him not to switch universities.

The Episode Review

William and Kate are the center of focus throughout episode seven. The fictional tale sets up their first meeting, Catherine’s mother encouraging her to pursue William and William being hurt by Kate dating another man.

The 6th episode of Season 6 features the weakest plot thus far, and the dramatization is so extreme that Williams’ romance with Kate comes across as strange. Additionally, Princes William and Harry seem quite intriguing, but the show builds both of them as one-dimensional characters with little substance to them. This episode was the most lackluster of the bunch up until this point during this entire season. We are hoping that things improve going forward, considering this season had such a promising start. 

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