The Crown – Season 6 Episode 6 “Ruritania” Recap & Review


Tony Blair, the prime minister, is coronated as king at the beginning of The Crown Season 6 Episode 6, and then a procession follows him to Westminster Abbey. It’s quickly made clear that this is nothing but a nightmare that Queen Elizabeth is having and is not in fact true.

Following this, we dig deep into the source of the Queen’s concerns. We learn that Prime Minister Tony Blair is upstaging the Queen and the monarchy. The conservative and traditional values promoted by the royal family are also threatened by his reformist views. The Queen decides to check public opinion surveys to find out how the average person views the royal family.

The Queen learns from the findings that the general public views the royal family as static, out of touch, and wasteful with their financial resources. Following this, the queen starts to question if the royals should alter their approach. After much consideration, the Queen has decided that Tony Blair is the best person to talk to about this.

While meeting with the prime minister, the queen discusses potential reforms the royal family could implement to regain the trust of the public. Following this, Tony Blair has a private conversation about it with Cherie and a few trusted allies; they propose a cost-cutting measure whereby the royal family runs the monarchy like the civil service to save money.

Many of Tony Blair’s proposals are deemed unreasonable and excessive by Her Majesty during their next meeting. She proceeds to tell him that she is going to give his suggestions some thought.

After consulting with her closest associates, private secretary, and family, the Queen decides to take action. She also examines title owners Tony Blair described as being insignificant, further delving into the subject. Nonetheless, Her Majesty concludes that the point of being a member of the royal family is to be mysterious, unattainable, and transcendent. During their next meet, she tells Tony Blair the same.

Tony Blair successfully gains the confidence of Bill Clinton, the president of the United States. However, the women of the Women’s Institute are displeased with him since he included political discourse in his speech. So, the ladies clap slowly and ignore his speech. In his subsequent meeting with the Queen, she makes light of the fact that he was successful in gaining the faith of the US president but failed miserably while trying to gain the trust of the Women’s Institute.

The Episode Review

The sixth episode begins with the Prime Minister upstaging the Queen, leaving her feeling threatened. The Queen has a tough choice as the episode progresses: remain true to her conservative beliefs or embrace transformation. Additionally, we delve somewhat into the ascent to power and subsequent fall of Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The episode is quite fascinating, witty and enjoyable. Additionally, drama is thrown in for good measure. This episode is both entertaining and educational because it parodies real-life events, such as the one at the Women’s Institute, but adds a humorous edge.

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