The Crown – Season 6 Episode 5 “Willsmania” Recap & Review


The Crown Season 6 Part 2 Episode 5 continues where Season 6 Part 1 left off. William is shown repressing his feelings as a way to deal with the death of his mother, Princess Diana. He appears to be channeling his emotions of sadness and rage by pushing himself to his academic and extracurricular limits at Eton. On the flip side, William receives many letters of sympathy and words of compassion from fellow Eton students, as well as from those who hold him and his family in high esteem.

The fact that Prince William isn’t letting his emotions show after the tragedy is causing concern among the royal family, especially Prince Charles. They are concerned that he is suppressing his feelings. In light of this, Prince Charles has proposed that, after attending to some royal duties in Canada, he take William and Harry skiing. At first, William doesn’t agree. Nevertheless, he eventually gives in and flies to Canada with his brother and father.

Prince William receives an identical amount of public and media adoration as Princess Diana in Canada. Prince William voices the fact that he hates the media and the people showering so much attention on him. William is extremely bothered by the fact that, as part of their royal duties, they are required to spend a great deal of time entertaining the public and the media during the trip.

When Prince Charles returns to Buckingham Palace, he talks about William with Philip and Her Majesty, asking them to offer comfort to William and set things right. Since William has recently lost his mother and is in desperate need of a parent, Her Majesty insists that Charles should be the one to be William’s rock.

Following this, Philip and Her Majesty have requested that Prince William meet with them. However, no one else is there when William arrives at Buckingham Palace except for his father, Charles. To mend fences and ease William’s pain, Charles reaches out to him. However, Prince William insinuates that Charles is to blame for Diana’s death. Prince Charles is deeply shaken and attempts to explain things from his point of view. However, William undermines Charles’ grief, which leaves him feeling upset.

Shortly after, Philip goes to visit Prince William. Philip goes on to make him see the fact that he’s upset with his deceased mother for enjoying public attention and for leaving him too early in life. However, given that he can’t voice that anger, provided that he’s also grieving the loss of his mother, he’s projecting his anger on his father. Following that, Philip attempts to help William understand his father’s point of view by drawing on his own experiences.

While Philip stands by the sidelines, the focus shifts to William as he meets Prince Charles. The episode ends with William silently hugging his father.

The Episode Review

The first episode of Season 6 Part 2 centers on William as he copes with his mother’s death. His challenges with fame and his anger towards his father, Prince Charles, are also addressed in the episode.

A somber tone sets the tone for the season finale. In addition to being packed with drama, the episode is also extremely sentimental. While the accuracy of the events depicted is debatable, no one can dispute the episode’s emotional impact. While it’s true that some parts are overblown, the show benefits from this and keeps us interested in what’s happening.

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