The Crown – Season 5 Episode 9 “Couple 31” Recap & Review

Couple 31

The first scene of episode 9 of The Crown features a couple discussing their divorce and the psychological impact it has taken on them during their divorce proceedings. A divorce’s negative effects on a family are depicted here.

The scene switches to Princess Diana and she is seen receiving a letter from Queen Elizabeth II acknowledging that she must dissolve her union with Prince Charles. She informs Diana of the harm she has done. Diana read the note, and she experiences a sense of closure.

When the Princess realizes it was done, she experiences an intense wave of sadness. Sadly, she is continuously pursued by journalists at every turn, so her popularity is not reduced after all.

Diana seems to have a list of requirements, such as a place to reside and money. Charles is beginning to feel pressured by Diana’s demands as the Royal Family attempts to repair the damage. In the meantime, her Majesty invites John Major, the calm but incredibly sharp Prime Minister, to mediate Diana and Charles’ split. Although his spouse does not appear to be thrilled, John Major is overjoyed to be given the opportunity.

Camilla must decide whether to end her ‘friendship’ with Prince Charles or seek legal status as his wife. Since Camilla never desired the title of “Royal”, she is having a hard time deciding. She is, nevertheless, certain that she can please Charles.

John Major explains to Charles that it’s probable that Diana is using her freedom to try to gain independence. Furthermore, Charles is asked to be adaptable. John tells Diana that Charles has one condition: she must stop talking about their marriage and the monarchy publicly. In order to safeguard their futures, John is making an effort to ensure that both divorcees maintain their composure.

John gives a status update to Elizabeth. Given that their nuptials were among the grandest in recent memory, she finds the entire divorce process saddening. Charles and Diana finally settle their divorce after much paperwork, discussion, and agreement on conditions. After it’s all done, Elizabeth calls Charles to see if he’s alright and tells him Diana had it tough, too. She is definitely sympathetic to both sides.

Charles pays Diana’s residence a special visit. He doesn’t know why he went to see her. They start joking around right away and even start flirting slightly. There is no longer any friction. Charles acknowledges that he didn’t compliment her enough.

When he asks her if she is seeing anyone, she replies that she has scared him away. Diana offers to make Charles dinner because he’s hungry. After failing to make an omelette, she makes scrambled eggs instead.

Further on, Diana is questioned by Charles about their relationship. Both of them explore the reasons why their marriage collapsed and also what they needed. They each ponder why their marriage ended and what they each needed. Charles reassures her that while love existed, it was never perfect—rather, it was a good match, not the perfect love.

Diana mentions Camilla and how, as a result of her, she was never given a chance. Furthermore, she suggests that he could be better suited to something besides being king. She believes that Charles’s misery has been brought on by his position as heir to the British throne.

Diana and Charles get into a heated argument over why Diana wedded into the household when she clearly had different expectations. The same question is redirected to him by Diana.

Diana is informed by Charles that he was pushed into marrying her despite his parents knowing he had feelings for somebody else. An offensive admission that spoils the mood of the conversation.

Instead of feeling terrible about the divorce, Charles ends up feeling liberated as a result of the conversation, which only resulted in a string of insults. Diana is left crying after he leaves her home.

In a divorce court, the episode is brought to an end. Throughout this episode, we have repeatedly seen the same courtroom. Couple 31 – that is Charles and Diana – are the following couple. They end their marriage successfully in the presence of several media personnel.

The Episode Review

It is hardly shocking that there were merely two primary figures in episode 9, which were Prince Charles and Princess Diana, whose inevitable divorce rattled the country. The section breaks down divorce cases from ordinary couples to the iconic couple to provide a comprehensive understanding of what it feels like to be divorced from somebody you were formerly married to.

This episode is compelling, intriguing, and dramatic to say the least. It also serves as a reminder of how hated and harassed Camilla Parker Bowles was at the time. But it also demonstrates her gradual comeback, which consequently resulted in her marrying Charles and the possibility of her being recognized as Queen rather than just Queen Consort.

The development was not achieved by chance, spin doctors planned it all out. Mark Bolland, one of them, shows up here and establishes tight guidelines on Camilla and Charles.

When Charles pays Diana a visit after they have agreed to divorce, they initially have a heartfelt conversation. When their marriage is out of the question, they appear to be more at ease around each other, which was beautifully showcased in the episode.

The move from them having a pleasant, even flirtatious conversation to it turning into a heated argument was seamless. The actors that play Diana and Charles do an outstanding job in their respective roles.

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