The Crossover – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 8 of The Crossover predominantly takes place in the present after a brief glimpse of our family in 2031, right off the back of the big basketball game we ended on last chapter.

The game goes ahead and naturally, Zuma plays dirty alongside the other Lakeside players. Josh is sidelined, forced to watch this play out, but he receives some crucial motivation from Chuck, who shows up in a hallucination and helps Josh change up the game and help him on how to find a new strategy to win. “Dribble, fake, shoot, miss” is the mantra they go by, and it helps turn the tide as JB helps the team come out on tip.

Is the Kelli situation resolved?

Chuck gets some closure with Kelli, who showed up at the end of the last episode. Chuck points out that he did want her and the reason he reached out initially is because he wanted his whole family together. Chuck wanted Kelli in his life and to make good on the time lost between them. He fought hard for custody but lost to her grandparents. He agreed for them to raise her but he was boxed out.

He was actually there at Kelli’s graduation too, but four rows back and kept a low profile. “I never stopped loving you and we want you to be a part of this family,” He says.

What happens after the game?

After the game, the whole family head in and meet Kelli, who is introduced as their sister, which is a nice touch. Outside, Alexis speaks to JB and on the elative high of winning the game, JB is knocked right down to earth again. Alexis is leaving for California in five days and she won’t be around for graduation. She didn’t want to say it before the game to knock his focus. She promises that they’ll still see each other but we’ll have to wait and see on that front.

Off the back of this, Josh is encouraged to speak to Maya and tell her how he feels. After class, in the hallway, he spills his true feelings… but it’s too late. Maya is actually dating Zuma now despite being in love with Josh since third grade.

How does The Crossover end?

As the episode closes out, we cut to the Fall of 2023. Josh and JB are both on the court together, ready to press forward. JB is now with the Beacon Bulldogs, while Josh is actually on the same team as Zuma. The Beacon Academy also have a new basketball coach, coming in the form of Chuck himself. The game gets underway and we cut to black.

The Episode Review

So The Crossover comes to a dramatic close, rounding out most of the big plot points while leaving the door open for a potential second season to take place. The drama involving Josh and JB has been pretty enjoyable on the whole, although that ending involving Maya now dating Zuma, of all people, feels like it’s designed specifically to cause drama between the two characters rather than something that’s occurred organically.

The Kelli drama is wrapped up quite well, especially given the emphasis on it in the previous episodes, while Chuck’s health continues to be a talking point, although as I said before we know how this ends up so it’s more elementary than anything else.

The ending essentially works to start a new chapter in the boys’ life, with the basketball game at the end showing the shuffle of college basketball mixing up teams, while also showing that the brothers are stronger together.

Overall, The Crossover has been a decent watch. It’s certainly far from perfect but it’s been an enjoyable enough drama all the same.


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