The Creator (2023) Ending Explained – Does Joshua save Alphie?

The Creator Plot Summary

Set in a future world that has been severely impacted by the war between the human race and the forces of Artificial Intelligence, Gareth Edwards’ The Creator follows ex-army man Joshua (John David Washington), who has been hired to hunt down and kill the ‘creator’, which has developed a weapon that has the potential to end the war.

Does Joshua save Alphie? 

Yes, in the final act of the movie, Joshua rescues Alphie from the U.S. Army. The two of them use Alphie’s special ability to control machines to hijack a commercial flight into space. They fly to NOMAD, the defense platform, coinciding with the U.S. Army preparing to launch missiles at the AI areas still active around the globe. 

Joshua tells Alphie to disable Nomad while he puts an explosive on the missile, hoping to take out the platform. Alphie succeeds in her plan and heads for her escape via a pod.

How does The Creator end? 

Alphie stumbles upon a room of simulants that remind her of Maya, the ‘creator’. She drags one of the simulants into a hydroponic farm, and puts the hard drive with Maya’s memories on it. 

Time is of the essence, and they are running out of it. Alphie makes an escape run for it, with the army trying one more time to prevent her from using a robot. Alphie makes it to Earth, and robots cheer the defeat of NOMAD as it falls. 

Joshua is killed, along with the simulant of Maya, in the NOMAD explosion. Every character in the movie dies, except for Alphie and Harun.

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