The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin Season 1 Review – An intellectual farce of the times

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Episode 01 | Review Score – 3.5/5   
Episode 02 | Review Score – 4/5 
Episode 03 | Review Score – 4/5   
Episode 04 | Review Score – 3.5/5   
Episode 05 | Review Score – 4/5 
Episode 06 | Review Score – 4/5   


Noel Fielding is one of the most popular comedians on the block known for his dark comedy and absurd humor. He channels his inherent comic wit in his latest TV show appearance in The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin. Right from the time the teaser was revealed, the show promised something new and fresh. And this series does not disappoint. 

Adventures of Dick Turpin takes upon the famous fable of Dick Turpin, an English highwayman in the 1700s who has become a part of the pop culture now. Noel Fielding stars in a titular role and delivers a great performance. Turpin has great panache (Turpin’s words, not mine!) and is quite a character in the old times when modern ideas of pacifism, veganism, self-expression are frowned upon.

Each episode gives a new insight to Turpin’s (mis)adventures as he tries to make a career as a highwayman. He clearly lacks the hard-core nature that is needed for such things, but out of sheer luck and good timing, Turpin succeeds each time.

His Essex gang are also a bunch of oddballs too. Nell, Honesty and Moose are each eccentric creatures with only Nell being the brains of the group. The other three just roll around in their innocent ignorance and change ideas with the slightest of nudge in any direction.

The characters are a delight one after the other! The method where people say the truth but it is deemed as scandalous is quite laughter-inducing to see, especially in a setting like Dick Turpin where farce and absurdism runs strong. 

The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin sits with the likes of Daniel Radcliffe-starrer Miracle Workers (especially the season with a medieval setting). Comedy of this kind is rare to come by these days. The burning dialogues would not sit well in a regular setting, but work well to poke at the archaic ways of old age Britain. 

If you are looking for a show to watch within a day, if you want to laugh at the most absurd settings, if you want to see the sly innuendos in each episode (isn’t Turpin’s name enough to make a list?), then The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin is the show for you. 

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  • Series Rating - 8.5/10

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