The Club Part 1 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

New Beginnings

Does Selim find out about his father?

Episode 6 of The Club concludes part 1 with a massive cliffhanger and plenty of drama ready for the second part to arrive early next year. Before we reach that point though, we pick up at the club with Selim grappling with the stage layout ahead of his big performance. He’s understandably nervous and decides to do a run-through. Unbeknownst to him, a call comes in from Orhan to confirm the worst to Celebi – Selim’s father has passed away.

Club Istanbul goes into complete meltdown. No one is allowed in or out – especially journalists – as the gang try to salvage this situation. Orhan suggests they cut the phone lines, while it rests on Celebi’s shoulders to make sure this night goes off without a hitch. When a journalist does sneak through the ranks, he’s quickly beaten and carried away. Only, Selim notices this and calls Celebi out for being a gangster. Celebi, never one to take well to criticism, is visibly fuming.

This whole exchange rubs Celebi up the wrong way, as he and Selim butt heads in Selim’s room. A letter soon arrives confirming Selim’s father has passed, which finds its way into Selim’s room. It’s clearly a ploy to sabotage his performance, as everyone at the club holds their breath, preparing for Selim to start his show.

The performance actually goes okay, but Celebi’s temper getting the better of him sees a stern word or two by Orhan. He questions the man’s devotion to the club and calls him out for being in love with Matilda. Off the back of this, he makes a big decision to make Matilda run the backstage while Selim handles the club side of things.

Does Rasel choose Mordo or Ismet?

Meanwhile, Rasel continues to grapple with two wedding proposals, one from Ismet and the other from Mordo. In the middle of all this though, Celebi shows up at her door. It’s clearly a ploy to rattle her, and he tells Rasel that she’s staying out and won’t be home. Given what she’s currently going through, that’s obviously less than idea.

When Rasel eventually awakens in the morning, she makes her choice and tells Mordo that she’s pregnant. She wants to bring the baby up alone but Mordo stays devoted to her, despite pushing her hands away initially. He suggests they go to Israel together and make a new life for themselves, raising the child together.

How Does The Club part 1 end?

When Matilda heads home later that evening, Rasel tells her about the baby, which completely shocks her. “Don’t make the same mistakes as me” Matilda eventually tells her daughter, realizing that Rasel’s mind is already made up. She says goodbye to Ismet, telling him to board the cruise boat he’s always dreamed about being on. Waving goodbye to this chapter of her life, Rasel and Mordo board their boat bound for Israel, ready for a new beginning.

The Episode Review

Big secrets are revealed while Rasel makes her choice and decides to follow through with staying with Mordo rather than Ismet. Given the pain the latter caused her across the season, this is undoubtedly the best decision for her, and an empowering one too. Of course, that also causes pain for Matilda, who’s forced to watch her daughter walk out of her life after building bridges back up with her across this first part.

Quite where this second part will go from here is anyone’s guess but it certainly leaves things open for a tantalizing soapy follow-up. That has ultimately been this show’s biggest draw, and the melodrama hasn’t disappointed. Learning more about Matilda and her estranged relationship with Rasel is what’s made this an enjoyable watch but it’s also not without its problems.

A good chunk of this episode, for example, is taken up with Selim’s drama at the club with his father. But yet, he then finds out anyway and still manages to perform. Little touches like this make for a bit of a formulaic watch but the ending does promise more melodrama and soapy shenanigans to come from our characters.k o

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  1. I love this series. The acting is very believable and haunting. Like many foreign films, it takes its time to unveil the story lines and doesn’t resort to shock value and gratuitous sex that we too often find in American productions. The acting, writing and photography are thoughtfully and beautifully executed. I can’t wait for season two.

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