The Clearing – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Pied Piper” Recap & Review

The Pied Piper

Episode 6 of The Clearing begins in the past timeline. The police send a delivery person to look for Adrienne which results in her being caught. She is on the run for six years before paying for her crimes. Wayne and Amy, who are expecting a child, are glued to the big news on TV.

Adrienne is not granted bail given that she poses a flight risk. Meanwhile, Dr. Latham is required to leave the college where he worked as a consequence of Adrienne’s jail time. He rings Colin from the police station and tells him that they’ve got him on tape. He goes on to tell him that they’ll send it to the police.

Following the threatening call from Dr. Latham, Colin enters his boss’s workplace to come out as gay. He replies “no” when the officer asks if there’s more to it.

Up until Adrienne and her accomplices manage to make connections to have her driver Rowan serve on the jury, the odds were heavily stacked against her. Her attorneys subsequently declare a mistrial, alleging that the jury has been compromised. Thereafter, she is granted bail because they are unable to select jurors for the case.

In the present timeline, Freya shows up to question Anton about the kidnapping of the young girl. He immediately dismisses it and mentions that he feels bad for Billy as Freya is his mother. When Adrienne arrives, she is stopped from hitting him. Adrienne calms Freya down by pleading with her to be compassionate to her brother as she leaves to report the matter to the police.

To try and speak with the young girl who was abducted, Freya goes to the medical facility. Freya questions if the person in the picture—Anton— is the one who abducted her. When she replies, “The light shines on me,” Freya grows upset because it reminds her of something they used to say to her when she was younger.

Max leaves her father’s house covertly so that she can get a ride with Anton. He assures her that she is going to see her grandmother. At her house, Adrienne weakens Max by pointing out how her mom abandoned her. Thereafter, Max enters a room in which Anton is playing old videos from the children at The Kindred.

Freya sets out to look for Henrik after learning that he was recently released from prison but finds out that he has left his home. She then makes her way to a residence where she finds Adrienne and Dr. Latham gathered with a number of other people in what appears to be a gathering for bringing back The Kindred. As episode 6 of The Clearing comes to a close, Dr. Latham turns and suddenly spots Freya, who bolts.

The Episode Review

Throughout episode 6 of The Clearing, we keep juggling between past events as well as the present. In the past timeline, we learn what caused Adrienne’s imprisonment and release. In the present timeline, Freya is beginning to reveal more and more of what Adrienne has been up to.

The episode carries on the series’ run of strong episodes. During this episode, Teresa Palmer stands out the most and truly shines in her role.

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