The Clearing – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Season Of Unfoldment” Recap & Review

The Season Of Unfoldment

Episode 1 of The Clearing opens with a young woman called Amy near a lake. Amy is seen carving something on the branch of a tree while Sara, a young girl, shows up and asks what she is up to. They continue talking but just then, a van arrives and abducts Sara. When they arrive at a facility, the other children go up to her and introduce themselves.

While shopping, Freya looks at the breaking news about the kidnapping of a new child in the neighborhood. She panics and rushes home with her son Billy.

Freya watches the news coverage of the missing kid, just as a montage of those searching for Sara is shown. Meanwhile, Sara is learning the cult’s ways forcefully.

An officer comes to Henrik’s home to inquire if he knows where the young girl might be. Sara tries to speak up while the family hides, however they stop her from doing so. Henrik refuses to let the officer look around unless he is carrying a warrant.

Freya spots a van go by her house. Billy requests his mom let his grandmother join them for dinner, but she unfortunately refuses. The white van causes Freya to grow alarmed, so Billy is asked to leave the room. She storms into the bedroom and strikes him in the face when he refuses to listen.

Hannah and Henrik discuss where they should drop Sara. Everyone else insists that they must inform Matriah of what is going on. Given that Tamsin was the one who took Sara, she seems to be in trouble. Matriah yells at Tamsin and finally, she calls the mother and requests that Sara be accepted into the group immediately.

Freya tells Inspector Joe about the van she spotted outside. She asks him if he believes her because of his hesitation, promising to have the police conduct a drive-by. Later on, Freya has a restless night as she dreams about the van.

Matriah calls Amy into her office and compliments her efforts. Thereafter, she declares that Amy is almost a woman. She goes on to tell her that when she has a kid of her own, they will look after it at Blackmarsh. In order to do that though, she first needs to demonstrate her ability to care for others. Consequently, she gives her the responsibility to look after Asha (Sara), as well as teaching their customs.

While having dinner, Tamsin goes on to inform Sara that her mom is on call. Unfortunately, Matriah is on the other end of the line when Sara picks up the phone. Thereafter, Sara expresses her anger and disappointment. Tamsin informs Matriah of the fact that Amy has disappointed her. Amy receives a beating from Tamsin.

Sara escapes the house at night, and when Amy wakes up she is no longer there. Consequently, everybody freaks out and they begin looking for her.

It turns out Freya is actually following a young girl in the woods. She rushes back home though to make sure Billy is still there. As the episode closes out though, we learn that Freya’s mom is Matriah.

The Episode Review

A feeling of terror and discomfort is created by the episode’s dark and gloomy tone. The show’s numerous characters, many of whom will play major roles in the remaining episodes, are introduced throughout. We learn about Sara, an abducted kid who is forced into the cult. Additionally, we are introduced to Freya, who is unable to let go of her past.

The crucial plot points are successfully established in this chapter, while the depiction of the cult as well as the pain of the members, enables us to empathize with the situation these kids are in.

The episode raises a lot of questions about what lies ahead, igniting a strong desire to learn more about the plotline.

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  1. Freya didn’t strike Billy in the face when he refused to listen, she was pushing the door to get in and the door hit him in the face.

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