The Cleaning Lady – Season 3 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9

Episode 9 of The Cleaning Lady Season 3 starts off at Luca’s basketball game, where Thony, Fiona, and other parents are cheering. The mood shifts when Ramona arrives, contemplating Thony’s offer to help her with her terminal illness. Thony is willing to lend a hand but under the condition that Ramona will under no condition harm Thony or her family.

Meanwhile, Russo and Jeremy are joyous as they’re on the brink of bringing an end to the Sin Cara cartel. They discuss Jorge Sanchez, an important man of the Sin Cara who also works as a lawyer for various shady individuals. Jorge has recently taken on Nadia Morales, Armando’s widow, as a client, and Jeremy ponders whether Jorge could be the leader of the cartel. 

Since the FBI cannot afford any mistakes at this point, Russo asks Jeremy to keep a low profile. Meanwhile, Ramona confronts Jorge about taking Nadia on as a client without informing her. Jorge explains that he feels restricted by Ramona and wants to build his own empire, and Nadia’s resources can aid his ambition.

Later, Jorge secures Nadia’s release on bail. They then scheme to manipulate the judge overseeing Nadia’s case. They film an incriminating video with the judge, forcing him to drop all charges against Nadia. However, Ramona leaked the compromising pictures online, sabotaging the deal Nadia had made with the judge.

As the episode progresses, Ramona invites Thony to her home and shows her CT scans and medical results, seeking answers for her health issues. Thony suspects that something other than what’s apparent is causing Ramona’s illness, as her kidney and immune system seem affected.

Ramona also reveals that she was pregnant twice but found motherhood unsuitable for her. Towards the end of their conversation, Ramona warns Thony that if she cannot cure her, she has no use for her. At Thony’s house, Jeremy glimpses Ramona’s medical reports while fixing the leaking tap. He takes photos and sends them to Russo, suggesting that Sin Cara might not be a man but a woman.

Thony finally cracks the case on what’s been ailing Ramona: lead poisoning, likely from an old bullet lodged in her body. Thony says Ramona needs hospital treatment, but when Ramona pulls a gun, Thony has to perform surgery in her office. Miraculously, the impromptu operation is a success, and Ramona lives to see another day.

When Ramona finds out she’ll be alright, she thanks Thony, now realizing why Armando trusted Thony with her life. Later that day, Ramona also apologizes to Jorge for leaking the judge’s photos, admitting she acted on impulse. To make amends, Ramona uses her influence to have all charges against Nadia dropped.

The Episode Review

Thony has come to see that her family is the only one she can rely on. Just as the episode’s wrapping, she stumbles upon one of the hidden recording gadgets. After pulling up CCTV footage, she catches Jeremy red-handed, sneaking around her place whenever she’s out. Thony understands that Jeremy’ is not a friendly neighbor but actually, a Fed spying on Thony since day one!

Meanwhile, Jorge is playing the long game, letting Ramona feel that she is running the Sin Cara cartel, but from a chat he has with Nadia, it’s clear he’s cooking up a plan to oust Ramona and take control of the cartel. 

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