The Cleaning Lady – Season 3 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Cleaning Lady kicks off with Thony waking up from a nightmare, feeling guilty about Armando’s death, and trying to understand Ramona’s motives. Fiona tries to calm her down, reminding her not to jump to conclusions just because Armando scribbled Ramona’s name. Fiona then meets with Agent Russo, showing concern for Thony’s safety.

Russo, on the other hand, questions Fiona about her return to the country, which angers her. However, Russo apologizes and offers to help Fiona and her son, Chris, if Fiona can provide evidence to help the FBI solve Armando’s murder.

Meanwhile, Jorge is worried about what Dante might have told his friends about Ramona and him.  Jorge has already eliminated Dante’s crew to prevent any further complications.

Thony gets upset when she finds out about Fiona’s meeting with Russo. She decides to search the apartment where Armando was held captive for any evidence. There, she encounters Ramona and Jorge, who are also searching for clues.

Thony accuses Ramona of kidnapping Armando, but Ramona denies it and leaves angrily. Thony worries that Ramona might harm her and her family, so Jorge advises her to lay low for a while.

Meanwhile, Nadia is staying at Ramona’s house and is still mourning Armando’s death. Ramona suggests they take a vacation to Paris, but Nadia declines. Jorge arrives and confronts Ramona about kidnapping Armando. Ramona defends herself and blames the Feds for Armando’s death. However, Jorge holds Ramona responsible and shows concern about her well-being, fearing she is becoming reckless and losing control.

Someone tries to off Thony by trapping her in a warehouse and setting it ablaze. Jeremy is also trapped with her and gets hurt, leading Thony to perform a makeshift surgery to save him. To escape, they craft a makeshift bomb with Vodka and blast open the garage doors.

Jeremy wants to involve the cops, but Thony thinks it’s pointless as cops can’t protect them from the cartel. Jeremy suggests Thony make herself indispensable to the cartel so they won’t harm her. Following his advice, Thony meets Ramona and reveals that she knows Ramona is terminally ill. Thony offers to help cure Ramona if she agrees not to harm Thony or her family.

On another note, Nadia transfers the ransom money to her account but gets arrested by Russo right after for insurance fraud. If you missed out on the last few episodes, Nadia had blown up the sportsbook on purpose to get the insurance money to pay Armando’s kidnappers.

Ramona tries to visit Nadia at the station, but Nadia refuses to see her, believing Ramona is responsible for Armando’s death and is after her money. Nadia tells Ramona to stay away and leaves the room. Later, Jorge offers to help Nadia get out of jail if she agrees to split the money with him. Nadia, feeling she has nothing to lose, agrees to Jorge’s offer.

The Episode Review

Episode 8 flipped the script on us, throwing the show’s direction for a loop. Jorge discovers that Ramona isn’t who she pretends to be; in fact, she’s the reason Armando isn’t around anymore.

He’s also noticed that Ramona’s behaviour is getting wilder and more irresponsible, which could spell trouble for the cartel Jorge has worked so hard to build. This might push Jorge to make his move and try to boot Ramona from the cartel. Jorge isn’t the only one playing solo; the FBI is in on the game, too.

Towards the end, we are told that Jeremy is actually an undercover Federal agent trying to uncover who Tony is working for.

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You can expect a full season review for Cleaning Lady when this series concludes!

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