The Chosen One (2023) – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


What event has an impact on Jodie?

Episode 6 of The Chosen One opens with a mysterious presence appearing to Jodie within the cave. This leads him on an adventure through the barren landscape, where Jodie had previously left his family heirloom pendant. He fails to uncover any secrets as a result of the experience, but it does cause him to undergo internal change.

What sacrifice does Jodie make and why?

After Tuka passes away unexpectedly, a group of villagers set out to kill Angelo by beating him and Elvis manages to disperse the angry crowd. But a fight breaks out as he helps save Angelo from a terrible fate.

In the meantime, Jodie appears at Tuka’s funeral service and uses all of his strength to bring his friend back to life. Tuka’s passing makes Jodie feel bad. In order to get his companion back, Jodie gives up a sizable portion of his strength. For the very first time, he is prepared to perform such a move for the benefit of others rather than for recognition.

Jodie is able to simultaneously show up in front of every single one of his companions owing to the way he directs all of his abilities into Tuka. He expresses regret for his actions and bids his friends farewell.

The following day, Tuka is alive, and everyone is relieved to see Jodie’s abilities at work. For the sake of his closest friend, he offered the greatest sacrifice. He believed that performing that miraculous work was completely worthwhile.

This occurrence teaches us that the enraged mob has subsided and appears as though they’ve either forgotten or begged Angelo’s pardon for their nearly vicious actions.

Who is Jodie’s father?

Sarah ultimately agrees that her kid should be aware of his parentage after Jodie walks away from the neighbourhood. He is driven away in a posh car, and as soon as he gets there, he begins conversing with the same woman that we witnessed during the flashback scene when Sarah decided to have the baby.

We infer from Jodie and the lady’s conversation that Sarah enrolled in a sect that practises devil worship. Jodie’s dad is Lucifer, based on what is shown in the series. The group takes Jodie away with the intention of moulding him into the anti-Christ and the purpose of his conception was to undermine Christians.

What lies in store for Jodie?

A series of future-set scenes conclude the season. As of right now, Jodie is leading the country. He has been informed on Air Force One that the bombardment of the holy place will start soon. It is apparent that he has been brought up to be a devil-follower and that he has emerged above everyone else to hold the top position in America.

The Episode Review

The post-climax section of the Netflix drama moves too quickly and we have a lot of unanswered queries regarding the first season after The Chosen One finale.

Episode 6 is drawn out and monotonous. But having said that, the captivating story of a youthful messiah is what keeps the audience enthralled.

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