The Chosen One (2023) – Season 1 Episode 4 “True Or False?” Recap & Review

True Or False?

The first scene of episode 4 of The Chosen One shows Jodie and his mom arguing about leaving the neighborhood. Sarah also says that he doesn’t have a father because she didn’t engage in any sexual relationships with anybody. Given that his mom has been telling him lies his entire life, Jodie’s rage is obvious. She asserts that he was the product of a miracle, just as Jesus is said to have been in the sacred texts.

Then, with Angelo’s dad, the neighborhood pastor and his congregation show up at his door. This serves as the assurance Jodie was looking for, and it helps him decide to stay put forever. We recognize that he is pleased that people are appreciating his power and looking to him as the next Jesus. He walks away from his mom given that she hides far too many things from him and moves into Elvis’ house.

Later on that day, a strange man pays Jodie a visit. Out of the three items he has, he instructs Jodie to choose the sacred object. The man realizes that the boy isn’t lying about his abilities when Jodie places his hand on his locket. The man then alerts someone on a call about finding “the boy”.

Magda and Jodie appear to be getting along better. She, however, catches wind of his changes one day and expresses her displeasure with the attention they’re drawing. Soon, we come to understand that since his resurrection from the dead, Angelo’s dad has grown numb.

Towards the end of the episode, Jodie is surrounded by his friends and is seen entertaining a crowd. His mother enters, attempting to put a stop to everything. Following this, his hand begins to bleed. The crowd regards his blood as sacred, and they request that Jodie anoint them with it.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of The Chosen One sheds light on Jodie’s popularity, his capacity for healing, and an enigmatic antagonist. The episode also suggests that Jodie’s recovery has unfavorable consequences. It is unsettling and fascinating. Having said that, the way the show portrays the new Second Coming feels rather odd. Although it opts to show the main character as a mildly grey figure, the character’s actions pose some issues.

Additionally, given that the character is shown to represent Jesus, it is a rather delicate subject for the Christian audience. Remaking the narrative is probably not necessary. The few changes the show makes are also a little strange like Jodie dating Magda even though he knew she was seeing Hipolito.

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