The Chosen One (2023) – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Awakening” Recap & Review

The Awakening

In episode 3 of The Chosen One, Jodie’s ability to transform water into wine causes a sensation. He isn’t a youngster running a fraud, though it is assumed that he is working hard at his con. He is starting to pose a threat to people like Father O’Higgins and Pastor Cruz who depend on their religious supporters for their livelihood.

Pastor Cruz speaks to Marie, who is living under the alias of Sarah, regarding this and she is certainly not pleased to learn that her kid’s popularity has been growing. Jodie and Father O’Higgins even have a direct conversation. Even though Father O’Higgins dismisses it as a scam, it’s obvious that he wants something to put his faith in because Jodie has developed the ability to hear people’s negative emotions.

Later, the kids perform a pastorela play for Mr. Hernandez. Jodie opts to partner with Tuka in criticizing the vulture and the underappreciation of Yaqui customs. But he goes one step further after this. He criticizes Hernandez’s family, particularly his mother, for subjecting the Yaquis to slavery.

Soon, Sarah is called in again because Mr. Hernandez was insulted. Jodie has also been allegedly giving people wine, according to the children, which is yet another reason. But Elvis is Jodie’s emergency contact which benefits him as Elvis defends the kid even after Jodie is given a one-week suspension. Soon after, Elvis prods Sarah into telling Jodie all about him along with his true nature.

Jodie is conflicted and uncertain of what he should do with his life after speaking with Father O’Higgins and his companions, Hipolito and Wagner. Jodie’s miraculous acts lead Wagner and Hipolito to believe they can take advantage of him to become wealthy. After that, when Jodi is lost and confused, Magda guides him in the right direction. She also kisses him.

Angelo presses Jodi to touch his unconscious dad, despite the fact that Jodie can only watch and listen. He makes an attempt to revive Angelo’s dad but is unsuccessful. Fortunately, Sarah appears in time and drives him home. Jodie is currently tired of the hidden facts. The voice that continues to speak to him also gets louder as his curiosity grows.

The Episode Review

Some of Jodie’s extraordinary abilities are brought to light in episode 3 of The Chosen One. Someone will either pose as his Judas or another person who seeks to assassinate Jodie if he’s indeed The Second Coming.

The episode also significantly worsens the relationship between Jodie and his friends. On the flip side, it shows Jodi growing closer to Magda. It will be interesting to see how events play out in the upcoming episodes of the Netflix show.

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