The Chosen One (2023) – Season 1 Episode 2 “Miracles?” Recap & Review


In episode 2 of The Chosen One, we find out that Jodie managed to survive the harrowing event. He is currently referred to in the community as an exceptional kid as a consequence. His mother, Marie grows concerned as word spreads that he survived having a large truck crash into him. She recalls how they attempted to take the little boy from her arms soon after giving birth.

Magda is somewhat surprised when Hipolito makes a move and kisses her as he seems to have stolen her first kiss. Additionally, he wishes to make everything official. Magda, on the other hand, is unsure of whether she would like to potentially make things more complicated.

As Jodie recounts the details of the crash and how he was able to survive, he and his companions try to extort money from other young children. Their close friend Wagner, who enjoys acts of magic, turns the tale into a full-blown magic show to draw focus by using Jodie. His initial trick involves bringing back the vision of Wagner’s younger sibling.

As the boy’s vision gets better, more people begin to accept Jodie and his abilities. When his trick of converting water into wine actually works, he concludes that there must be a problem with him. When he finally tells his mom about his abilities, she immediately decides to move out of town. As soon as word gets out that he has supernatural abilities, Marie wants to relocate.

She informs him that his dad’s relatives are powerful and will abduct him. We discover that there had been situations where Jodi and Marie ended up leaving right away, even in Mexico, due to something that took place. She, therefore, cautions him to inform her if anything unexpected occurs because all indications suggest that it may be time to move away yet again.

Later on, that day, when Jodi visits Magda, she expresses to him how much of a brother he is to her. That said, as the episode progresses, Jodie keeps hearing voices and wonders what they are as well as what his mom is covering up or lying about. Each time he does this, the more it appears that what is believed to be a scam will ultimately be revealed to be anything but. 

During the final moments of the episode, after taking off his clothes, Jodi reveals his scar to Magda. Then, she too begins to undress and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Magda is a significant character in episode 2 of The Chosen One because she is Hipolito as well as Jodie’s love interest. She also serves as the voice of reason. We witness the boys’ decision to deceive the local population by having Jodie work miracles. Magda opposes it particularly since the boys’ performances become increasingly elaborate, such as having Wagner’s sibling Erik act like he no longer requires glasses after receiving Jodie’s blessing.

There are much better storylines within the show than the love triangle, which is what’s amiss. The abrupt end of Hipolito’s childhood hangs over his head. Jodie continues to be on the run and has special abilities. Additionally, Magda’s storyline is intriguing because of the mystery surrounding her older brother.

However, this does not imply that each character cannot have multiple arcs. It just seems so forced and pointless to have a love triangle that it quickly becomes tedious. Particularly considering that there isn’t sufficient chemistry for any kind of romance to benefit the Netflix show.

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