The Chosen One (2023) – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Arrival” Recap & Review

The Arrival

In episode 1 of The Chosen One, when we first meet Marie, she and a guy who is supposedly her kid’s father are engaged in a fight. She gains control long enough to collect her infant son and travels to Mexico. Sadly, the police do stop her on the way there. But something the kid waking up and gazing at him causes the officer to change his mind and he lets Marie go. She is able to travel to Mexico, shred her personal papers and begins fresh.

Following a fast-forward of almost 12 years, we focus on a pre-teen Jodie. He is seen hanging out at a fair with his closest companion Hipolito, his crush Magda, and their mutual friend Wagner and Tuka. They have fun together playing with the fireworks that Elvis, a food seller at the carnival, gives them.

Soon after, the bully Angelo intervenes and ruins their fun. However, owing to Hipolito’s use of firecrackers to force Angelo backwards and the arrival of the police, Jodie’s group manages to survive. The following morning at school, Angelo picks on Tuka and attacks Jodie when the latter tries to help by pulling a knife. Fortunately, a teacher stops it and Angelo ends up in jail.

Later that day, everyone is prepared to travel across the barren landscape when Tuka suggests that they investigate the possibility of his uncle running into a Chupia, also known as a Siren. We quickly learn that Magda, who is grieving the loss of her sibling, agrees to make the trip in an effort that her parents, who are also grieving, will think about her.

Owing to his acts of rebellion, Hipolito leaves because his dad fears he might follow in his father’s footsteps, and this could mean hell for him. The journey is merely a fun outing for Wagner and Jodie. Tuka, on the other hand, uses the Siren tale as his hook. However, what he really wants is for his uncle to retrieve his boat so that he won’t have to stop attending high school and can start working.

Tuka is about to get upset after the pipeline Hipolito claims will take them towards the sea, where Tuka’s uncle’s vessel should be, does not appear at first. There are fights between him and Hipolito the entire way. To make matters worse, the fact that Hipolito is interested in Magda is getting increasingly obvious. This triggers Jodie, who likes her as well and is encouraged by Wagner, to react, but he refrains in the end.

In the final moments, Jodie saves the day by giving blood to a tree. Following this, a bird helps them and they head towards the water which they soon reach. However, the vessel eventually suffers damage and goes under. Tuka panics but what really shocks everybody is when, later, as everybody is travelling to the salt mines, wherein Hipolito’s father works, a vehicle flies off the road and appears to land directly on Jodie.

The Episode Review

The Chosen On (2023) aka El Elegido feels like a Mexican version of Stranger Things. This is because you can see a great dynamic between every single character—Magda, Jodie, Tuka, Wagner, and Hipolito—as a group while also being intrigued by their individual stories.

We also learn about Jodie’s visions in this episode. However, he is unable to understand its meaning or purpose. Finding out what his visions mean will be fascinating. A vehicle also crashes into Jodi as the episode comes to a close. It will be interesting to see how events play out in the upcoming episodes.


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