The Chosen One – Season 1 Episode 6 – The Finale – Recap & Review


The past 5 episodes of The Chosen One have twisted and turned through the narrative, dabbling in ideas around faith VS science but never quite diving into the gritty details as much as it perhaps should have. With the finale, we do receive some answers to the big questions hanging over the series but in true Netflix fashion, the door is left open for a second season to follow.

We begin with Angelina relinquishing her grip on Lúcia’s neck and setting her free. While she wallows in her own regret, Silvino leads the villagers into a rebellion against Aguazul.

Having recovered from the earlier attack, Lúcia frees Mateus but as they hug, he apologises and refuses to let her go, screaming for the Chosen One to come and capture her. Despite proving his worth, the Chosen One snubs him in favour of Santiago, who will now lead Aguazul going forward. While Mateus swallows his pride, Lúcia prepares for the Ritual Of Sorrow as Enzo and Damião prepare for the worst, standing on trial for killing Flavia.

As the trial begins, Enzo immediately pleads with them, telling them it was a mistake and an accident. Damião however, has a different perspective and instead tells the Chosen One that he should atone for the murder, offering up his own life as penance. Damião plunges a knife into his belly and falls to the ground, bleeding out. Lúcia begs the Chosen One to heal him but he refuses, instead reveling in Enzo’s wavering trust in science, admitting that he has faith that the Chosen One can heal him.

Just as they’re about to get an answer, Silvino leads the outsiders up toward the church where Lúcia finally convinces him to head outside. As he does, the Chosen One doubles over in pain before screaming to the heavens for divine strength. Bleeding from the eyes, he approaches the sick and begins to assert his influence over them.

Back inside the church, Lúcia and Enzo both realize Damião has been taken away so they make a run for it, escaping into the depths of the jungle.

We then cut forward in time, back at the main land where Lúcia tells everyone about what’s happened but finds herself branded a liar as even Enzo has changed his story. As it turns out, Damião is alive and well and heading back home soon. Unfortunately, the board have no choice but to revoke Lúcia’s medical licence. Meanwhile, Enzo finds out the blue liquid that the Chosen One was using actually holds fabric dye and no special qualities to it at all.

He discusses his findings with Lúcia and tells her Damião is part of the cult now. He wants to go back again and get answers to a lot of the questions they have but Lúcia refuses. Unfortunately, the decision is made for her as Enzo admits to injecting her with a new viral strain that has no known cure. Only a miracle can save her now.

While the ending does well to set the scene for a possible second season, I do feel like the viral injection feels a little contrived and forced. I almost feel like the show would have worked better had Enzo asked if she wants to go back and the series ending with a lingering look, but no definitive reply. I feel this added layer of ambiguity may have worked better but there’s certainly enough tension added to the series to leave big question marks over what will happen next.

Still, given the past 5 episodes, it’ll be interesting to see if Netflix do renew this one. If this Brazilian series does get the green light, I really hope the second season dives deeper into the philosophical side of the whole religion VS science debate. These segments of the series are ultimately the best parts but frustratingly feel few and far between. The wavering beliefs, on both sides of the coin, have been really well handled over the 6 episodes but feel overshadowed by the melodramatic beats that don’t always do the show justice.

Having said all that, I have enjoyed watching The Chosen One but it does feel like a series that’s squandered some of its potential. While the ending of the series feels a little contrived, if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far, no doubt you’ll be itching for a second season to this Brazilian thriller.


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