The Chestnut Man – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of The Chestnut Man begins with Steen deciding to look into the Kristine case further. He’s dead-set that his daughter is still alive, and at home he pins up newspaper clippings and a map. He’s also stopped drinking too, although Rosa implores him to stop. After all, this agony is not helping his son Markus, who’s obviously still very much alive.

With Hans gone, police investigate the hidden compartment and the computer in the basement. Within this are numerous videos of Magnus, with Hauge encouraging him to get undressed. All of this is filmed, too, which reinforces our worst fears last episode.

Now the lock-changing makes sense, which Thulin mulls over. It would seem like Laura knew something and tried to keep Hans out the house. Only, what’s Hans’s motive for killing Anne? Well, this case is certainly getting interesting but one person who’s not interested though is Sebastian, Thulin’s partner. He eventually leaves that night, pointing out how cold and standoffish Thulin is and how she only cares about her job.

Wednesday 14th October

Steen decides to give up the search for Kristine following the heated chat last night. He points out Gustav and how they need to think of him, deciding to make amends. Only, his way of making amends isn’t exactly subtle. He heads on TV later on and tells the news reporter that he’s not given up the search for Kristine and believes she’s still alive.

At the social services, Hess and Thulin examine the reports for both Anne and Laura. The wording is identical on these anonymous tips, meaning it could well be a clue that points toward who the next victim will be, especially if this is the main connection. But then, why even call this in in the first place? Right now it feels like we have some of the puzzle pieces but no idea surrounding the larger picture.

This case is clearly taking a toll on Thulin though, who misses Le’s lantern party thanks to how wrapped up she is in work. And if that wasn’t clear enough, Hess arrives and ends up having dinner with the family. The real reason for his arrival though is linked with a woman called Jessie Kvium, whom he’s convinced is the next victim in all this.

Well, they set up an entire operation, with Jessie onboard too. They stage her apartment to make it seem like she’s heading home and stake from afar. Jessie meanwhile, is being kept at a holiday rental far away.

Late at night, a hooded figure heads up to Jessie’s apartment. Believing this is their man, the officers charge up to the apartment and hold the man down to the ground. Only, it turns out this is the guy Jessie was having sex with in the parking lot earlier in the episode.

He received a message to head over, blackmailed into submission. It was sent 30 minutes ago, which Thulin realizes is all part of the killer’s plan. This also obviously leaves Jessie and her daughter alone with Ricks, the sole officer looking after her.

By thee time the police make their way over to Jessie’s rental, it’s too late. Ricks is slumped outside against the police car, presumed dead, while Jessie is found tied to a cross with her foot severed.

The Episode Review

The Chestnut Man returns with another strong episode, one that really channels the Nordic noir vibes perfectly. The case is just starting to heat up now and it appears like the Hartung investigation was bungled and could well prove to be the decisive part of this whole show.

The chestnut figurines and the severed limbs are also part of the killer’s “brand” it would seem, but quite who this actually is remains a mystery. It looks like we’ve got more killings to come before this season is out though, and the ending is certainly grim, with the police outsmarted and the killer striking again.

Will Thulin and Hess find who’s behind this before it’s too late? We’ll have to wait and see…

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