The Calling – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Blameless & Upright

Avi has a weird nightmare involving swimming in the ocean and going on an endless rollercoaster ride during The Calling episode 8. Janine struggles with the idea of reporting Earl to IA. She fills out the form and almost submits it but backs out at the last moment. Paul calls them the next day and informs them that he finally received a call from Elisabeth. She is in fact in Mexico City in a hotel. He even gives them a number to confirm but the detectives are not sure. Paul yells in anger and says that they should leave them alone now. He is taking the kids that night to Mexico to be with Elisabeth.

Avi orders surveillance units outside his house and the duo try to come up with probable causes for arresting Paul by nightfall. They go to a computer expert to figure out how the Serras lost their money in crypto. He reveals that it was Paul who got greedy and sent almost $700,000 of the profits from crypto to a hedge fund, Alexandria Profits, and lost it all. Avi instantly recognizes the name from a painting of the Alexandria Port in the lobby of the Gallery.

They go next to confront Hanney and suspect him of creating this faux fund to convince Elisabeth to leave Paul. He saw Paul losing the money as the last straw in their relationship. After another staring contest with Janine, she suspects him of “a crime” – destroying a loving family, although Hanney refutes that suggestion. Avi piles on by saying that even though Hanney will avoid jail on earth, his “sin” will not be overlooked or forgiven by God. He will go through judgment one day for what he has done.

What Hanney has not done, the detectives are convinced, is kill Elisabeth. The suspicion is now squarely on Paul. The Rabbi, Avi’s friend, visits the precinct to drop off an offering from the Jewish community and invites Janine and Avi to the celebration of Sukkoh later that night. Avi and Janine then go straight to paul’s house and break down the door. They find the kids drugged in the living room and no sign of Paul. But Earl, who has been stationed right outside the entire day, did not see him leave.

Avi looks for secret passages and finds one in a wall. He breaks down the false wall and sure enough, they discover dragging marks. They also find blood and plastic traces, now convinced that Paul killed Elisabeth. The random interaction with the bomb and Janine clicking Paul’s picture coincided with Paul having to work quickly to take care of the body. Avi says he knows exactly where paul is; the construction site where he is finishing an assignment. Avi’s guess is right and Paul stands there with a knife in his hand and a bloodied wrist.

He tried to commit suicide but stopped at the idea of making his children orphans. He buried Elisabeth’s body right beneath the finished floor and Avi informs the backup of getting it out of there. Paul is brought to the precinct and begins to explain why he killed Elisabeth. It was not because he had lost all the money. That was not the reason Elisabeth wanted to leave Paul. it was because she had fallen in love with Hanney, just as he had claimed. That is what took water above the head and Paul could not contain himself.

Danny could not process the change and imagined Paul as both the first and second dad. The one version was before killing his mother and the second one post that. Avi absolutely gets into paul’s case and compares him to Cain, the first killer in the Bible, who killed the man who got God’s favor instead of him because he was jealous. When Earl comes in to take away Paul, the big man neutralizes him and tries to escape. He knocks down a police officer unconscious, who successfully closes the door before Paul can escape.

But, paul takes the officer’s gun and points it at Avi. He is about to pull the trigger when Kathleen kills him dead. This is the first time she has ever used a weapon in her duty. The case is over and Janine thanks Avi for teaching her how to be a mensch on the job, the only thing she needs to keep in mind while doing it. Earl goes back to his wife and little girl. Kathleen is put on administrative leave for a couple of weeks and will be okay.

Janine and Avi go to the Sukkah celebrations and she instantly leaves an impression on the Rabbi. In the middle, Avi gets a phone call about another murder, and this time, it is unfortunately his friend John, the professor. The police, quite shockingly, describes the suspect as John. But how can a man be the victim and the killer? Avi emotionally breaks down for his friend. on John’s forehead, there is an engraving in blood spelling out “father” in English. He says a prayer for his fallen friend and the final episode ends as the first episode had begun.

The Episode Review

That ending was definitely unexpected and made the finale an even more enthralling affair. Even with the rather rusty genre elements to wrap up this part of the story, The Calling’s episode 8 did not feel forceful. The flow of the story was intact. We finally saw the big Paul Serra in action and for a minute there, Avi was almost lost.

Elisabeth’s mystery made way for another riddle for Avi and Janice. This time, the mercurial detective has a personal element involved – his good friend John. In hindsight, his character felt a little undercooked and that was a pity given his potential. Everything about him screamed nuance but unfortunately, he was relegated to the sidelines.

If we do have a second season, I hope the writers make an effort to integrate his character into the narrative with a backstory that will surely be worth exploring. This is the end of The Calling’s season 1. Expect a full-season review soon!

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  1. Agreed. Great characters and story lines. I also love seeing a Jew portrayed and Jewishness without it being cringey. A refreshing change.

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