The Calling – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Hand of Diligent” Recap & Review

The Hand of Diligent

Danny has a dream that he thinks is true. Elisabeth came to him and said that she is finally coming back home. Danny phones Paul about it and explains it when he comes back.

Paul still does not believe it and finally tells his kids that she might be never returning. Earl is outraged at Brad for trying to shut up Anna. Avi calms him down and says that they don’t know for sure. Brad tries to corner Marcie to his side by turning her against the police. She still does not know about the affair. Kathleen has asked Janine to look out for Avi, as he is getting too drawn into the case.

When Paul shows up at the station, they use the good cop and bad cop play against him to break him down. Paul is worried about Danny and he has taken him to Dr. Sands, his therapist. The detectives’ strategy is successful as Paul allows Avi to access his computers and other devices for clues. The three ambush the Holts outside their building. While Earl and Janine hold up Brad with the Anna thing, Avi politely convinces Marcie to come down to the station where he tells her about the affair. John has a vital piece of information to reveal to Avi but cannot do it in that moment. He asks to meet later with him to discuss it.

Earl is getting more judgmental and biased toward Brad. It has something to do with his past and Kathleen warns him that he is falling into old habits. Marcie is outraged. But she had no prior knowledge of it, clearing her of suspicion. She cannot account for Brad the last night. Avi reassures Earl about his dilemma and internal conflict. But he has to do a better job at handling his emotions and not letting them blur his clarity of thinking. He has come a long way from when Avi first partnered with him.

There is something about making a bomb in Brad’s computer history all but confirming his guilt. Anna has regained consciousness and explains to the cops that Brad and she had an affair a long time ago. Marcie found out and that is why she took out Gabrielle from the daycare. Anna felt guilty too but then Brad forced her into doing it one last time and that was when Earl caught them. She was terrified of what Brad would do to her and the children if she did not comply.

Earl is eager to arrest Brad and the three go to his house. When Brad sees Avi, he tries to run. Janine tries to corner him at the back entrance and Earl gets into a brawl with Brad. He remembers Avi’s words and does barely enough to prevent using excessive force on Brad, but Janine thinks otherwise. She feels she has wrongly covered up for him in front of Kathleen after brad makes a complaint. Later that night, she goes to Avi to confirm if Earl is indeed someone who messes around with procedure and might violate rights.

Avi defends his friend and partner and Janine walks out on Avim saying she will never cover for anyone if they are in the wrong. The detectives surprise paul at his new workplace and Avi talks to him about his work and how it brings him satisfaction. Janine mentions the job quitting and Paul starts to get angry. Paul claims that she would never quit the job. But is caught when Janine mentions the lost money on crypto. He then tries to steer the conversation towards Elisabeth having suicidal tendencies after she lost the money. But the detectives are not convinced.

They meet next to Hanney. He berates Paul and said that he held down Elisabeth. He sticks to the story that he told them before. The detectives are no closer to an answer about Elisabeth when they started off the investigation. Avi gazes out at the ocean with childhood memories of his father and him playing on the back flashing across his eyes.

The Episode Review

There is still a lot of steam left in The Calling’s cinematic universe. With just one episode to go, it seems unlikely that all the ends will be tied up efficiently. Or is it just another signal that we will have a second season?

Anyway, episode 7 unveiled the core reason for Brad’s actions and also Brad as the main perp. It was way too easy for the writers to make this creative choice and that is certainly disappointing. Elisabeth’s missing case is yet to be resolved and Avi & Janine are getting closer with each new detail.

Avi’s growing personal troubles are getting hold of him. It is a nice development for the character, who already seemed emotionally burdened. Everything points toward a crescendo but something gives way that the end might not be worthy for all.

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