The Calling – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Pursuers” Recap & Review

The Pursuers

Avi has a horrible nightmare of a real bomb going off in the daycare during episode 6 of The Calling. He envisions himself running in the hospital through the crowd of children. Janine is badly injured, Earl too is quite beaten up, and Danny is pointing to a dead body.

Avi has been seeing hallucinations of his father and sees one that night as well. Avi reaches the station early and explains his theory of Elisabeth planting the bomb to Kathleen.

He fears that his vision might foreshadow a real bomb going off someday. Elisabeth posted several messages online against Anna and called for shutting her daycare down. She might be hiding out somewhere in the States to prevent arrest and planning a real bomb. Danny innocuously informs Paul that his mother is coming home but Paul will have to move out for that to happen, The detectives ask for access to any of Elisabeth’s electronic voice recordings, and Janine ventures out into their bedroom and finds an invoice.

Now Danny walks up to them and changes his stance on who planted the bomb. He thinks that his mother did it, as his first dad tells him. Earl is tailing Brad Holt as the suspicion is still not off him. One of the strange things he does is just sit outside the daycare and camp there for long durations. Anna does not recognize the voice when Avi plays the tape to her. Janine handles Sarah and plays the same thing for her too. Desperate to make amends and start off her career, she tries once again her hand at interrogations.

She successfully manipulates Sarah, albeit talking smack about Kathleen. (engaging with Sarah by mutual hate for their bosses). She knows Janine did it to get information from Sarah and also feels Janine has a long way to go in her career. Sarah reveals she does not like Anna and her opinion resonates with that of the others. She is not a good person and maybe knows who is making the threats. But she has not commented on Elisabeth, perhaps indicating to the detectives that jumping to conclusions about her is not the right strategy.

The police now have two crimes to solve. One, the daycare bomb; and second, Elisabeth missing from her home. Avi and Janine go to the Valley Forge gallery, where Elisabeth worked and Paul currently has an assignment (they locate it via the invoice). Rasgon greets them but is very discreet about the details. He only reveals that there were rumors around the club that Peter Hanney, a billionaire, was having a fling with Elisabeth. But he has no idea where Hanney is.

Kathleen informs the detectives of Serras’ wobbly financial condition. Is that the reason for Elisabeth’s disappearance? Earl follows Brad and the places he visits give him anxiety to Earl. He actually might be planning to bomb the daycare. The detectives visit Elisabeth’s psychologist, who reveals that she was a very devoted mother and would not desert her children like this. She also loved her job (she does not know that Elisabeth left her job) and how her family was positioned in life.

Janine meets with Darren, who turned out to be her ex. He is in finance and she wants information on Hanney. From what Darren tells her, Janine suspects Hanney, in his ego and hubris, maybe could not take Elisabeth’s rejection and killed her. The detectives sit outside Hanney’s childhood home. Janine gets triggered when Avi mentions her supposedly affluent background. Both of them share an aversion to rich people but she walks out and knocks on the door.

To their surprise, they find Hanney in the house. He tells quite a different story. Elisabeth and he was in love. They had planned to run away but she never showed up. Who is lying among these men? Avi concludes that anyway, Elisabeth is dead and she was willfully taken from her sons. The detectives pay a visit to Paul, who is working on an assignment in a house. They try to glean something from Paul by antagonizing him. They take Hanney’s name and Paul starts to get riled up. But the end result is zilch.

Earl calls in for support as Brad pulls up in a secluded warehouse. When he goes in, to his surprise, he finds Brad and Anna in a compromised position. Later that night, Anna is brutally assaulted by someone and left on the footpath, unconscious.

The Episode Review

Janine’s coming of age came with a reasonably likable construction in the case. Anna and Brad’s affair came out of the blue when the tension was being built up to go another way. It had to be someone we had already met, didn’t it? Well, the cat is finally out of the hat. But why would he place the bomb if he is having an affair with Anna?

Does not seem to add up but the next episode should throw more light on it. Janine emerges as a real candidate here and Canfield is playing the many shades of her quite well. It has been oddly satisfactory how Janine is portrayed as a real person with changing moods and priorities.

Her real ambition seems to be to become captain one day and she seems like a good fit. Episode 6 also threw Peter Hanney our way. But he does not seem like the murder kind. Being rich is a crime like Avi says, so he is definitely guilty of “something”. Where is Elisabeth, though? We need more flashbacks to properly establish her in the narrative. Until this point, she has been a ghost but we cannot feel for a ghost, right? Make her a person and see our reaction change.

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