The Buccaneers – Season 1 Episode 6 “It’s Christmas” Recap & Review

It’s Christmas

It is indeed Christmas time in The Buccaneers, the season of joy and merrymaking. However, Episode 6 is not entirely in tune with the festivities. The episodic plot is set in a scenic lakeside mansion somewhere in Scotland. While all the girls – with Theo and Richard – play outside in the snow, Seadown sponges Jinny in the bathtub. It is unclear if she is unwell or if she has been bogged down by his monstrosity. But it is clear that he doesn’t want her fraternizing with Nan and her friends. 

Speaking of Nan, she is still confused about her feelings for Guy, who has brought Jean with him. They both seem to be into each other. However, Theo sucks away their tension as he announces Guy as his best man. Mabel beseeches Lizzy to get married soon…or at least start the courting process to let her remain in England. But Lizzy isn’t interested in jumping onto the bandwagon yet. The Duchess and Nan share an interesting conversation about Theo’s feelings for her.

It is evident that the Duke is head over heels in love with her but the Duchess also warns Nan about his asocial disposition. Theo likes to remain peacefully out of sight and in the company of his own thoughts…and Nan, of course. Mabel apologizes to Honoria for her behaviour at the boathouse. Honoria is touched by a gift she is given and visits Conchita’s room to ask her “how to loosen up.” 

Lizzy slips in the snow while playing and Seadown carries her to her room. He does it without prompt and in an intimate way. Lizzy breaks down into tears as Seadown threatens her against creating any drama. Jinny, who has followed him, talks to Lizzy after he leaves. She finally tells her about that incident at Runnymede. Although Jinny is startled at first, she changes her tone and sympathizes with Seadown. It is a very petty response from her, as Jinny is trying to become a “loyal” wife to her husband.

In order to remain in England, Mabel asks Miles to propose to her in front of everyone. Honoria is confused, even as Mabel tries to indicate to her the real intention behind the proposal. Nan and Guy briefly meet in the reading room. They talk about their feelings for each other. Guy tracks back on his earlier plan to wed a wealthy wife. He explains that all of it changed when he met her. When he mentions Jean, Nan turns sour and taunts him by saying she needs to be with Theo.

When Jinny tries to confront Seadown, he simply turns the tables on her. Seadown walks away, forcing Jinny to come after him and apologize, when it should be the other way around. This chap is devilishly manipulative. He asks Jinny to “prove” her love for him…although we don’t exactly know how. The next morning, Governess Testvalley decides to leave the mansion. She has accepted another job in Cornwall. Richard is confused and follows her to her carriage. 

This comes in the aftermath of Honoria catching Testvalley stealthily listening to Richard and Conchita’s conversation outside their room. She tried to indicate to Testvalley that Richard had chosen freedom for himself, something she should do as well. It is strongly suggested that they had an affair in the past. Before the morning table is set, The Duchess asks Nan to leave immediately. Her world comes crashing down as The Duchess reveals she knows about her father’s “indiscretion.” 

Nan is confused about the person who told her. She first suspects Guy but then later settles on Jinny, who herself looks bewildered. It is finally revealed that Seadown went to the Duchess with this information in order to further isolate Jinny and create a rift between her and Nan. In a crazy moment, right before she is about to leave and everyone’s having breakfast, Nan declares the truth to Theo in front of everyone. She apologizes to him and reiterates her lack of shame. Theo stops her and kisses her, indicating that this doesn’t change his decision to marry her. Although, from the Duchess’ reaction, it is clear it won’t be easy. 

The Episode Review

If you are ever confused in life, be rest assured there is someone worse off than you. She might be a fictional character, but Nan’s naivety is borderline psychotic, even by real-life standards. Perhaps we don’t see characters like her too often on television to be receptive. I fail to see any good qualities from the book being incorporated into Kristine Forseth’s character. Although she is naive in Wharton’s book, her rendition on screen is a betrayal.

Conchita and she are arguably the most unlikeable characters on the show so far. Given the creators’ decision to put them in the limelight, we keep coming back to the same conclusions. Despite complex storylines, particularly those of Honoria and Mabel, they still persist with focusing on Nan and Conchita. 

The attention is a little more even-handed in this episode. Jinny has also emerged as a strong character. Imogen Waterhouse has grown into the character. Barney Fishwick, the newcomer, is also complementing her quite well as Seadown. The episode presents a decent contrast between Honoria and Jinny, who find themselves at either end of the transformation spectrum. One wants to lose her American free spirit and embrace English strictness, while the other wants the opposite.

Guy’s character has smartened up, although Theo’s arc has perished and devolved into a deluded lover boy. I feel to some extent, the intricacies of these characters have been lost in translation. The mixed results are down to convoluted execution on the part of the creators.

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