The Brothers Sun – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Protect The Family

In Episode 7 of “The Brothers Sun,” the proverbial sh*t hits the fan when Bruce tells Grace where the triad leaders are meeting. Grace capitalizes on the information and infiltrates the meeting. The cops also barge onto the scene, planning to arrest everyone present.

Things go downhill from there, resulting in the death of several triad leaders, loyal henchmen, and others. Those who aren’t killed by The Boxers are arrested and taken to prison. As the episode draws to a close, Big Sun asks his loyal son, Charles, to kill Bruce to punish Mama Sun.

Did Charles kill Bruce? 

Following his father’s orders, Charles finds Bruce and aims the gun at his head. However, Charles can’t bring himself to kill his brother and intentionally misses his mark. This leaves Charles in a pickle, as without killing Bruce, he cannot return to his father.

Bruce tries to convince him to break out of the shadow of his father and kill him. Bruce states that Big Sun has made Charles kill hundreds of people, disregarding what it would do to him. 

Big Sun has never seen Charles as a son but as a loyal soldier who will take on the whole world for him, sacrificing his life, says Mama Sun. Mama Sun also discloses that the assassination attempt on Big Sun that took place years ago was a test to see if Charles had what it takes to run a triad.

Charles agrees to confront his father and makes it clear that he will no longer work for him or, more specifically, kill for him. 

Does Big Sun give Charles permission to leave the Triad?

When Charles meets his father, the latter tells him about his grand plan to become the Dragon Head of the triad, which involves shedding countless blood. To his dismay, Charles denies his orders and asks for permission to leave the triad.

Big Sun disagrees and dispatches a few of his assassins to kill Bruce and his mother. Charles manages to kill two of them, but Xing escapes.

Charles tries to give chase, but he’s arrested by Alexis, who agrees to let him go if he tells her where Big Sun is hiding. The reason why Alexis wants Big Sun so badly is that, according to the deal she has made with Jack Ma, once Big Sun is behind bars, Jack Ma will testify, helping Alexis bring a strong case. Meanwhile, Xing tries to kill Mama Sun, but she herself dies a horrible death. 

How is Big Sun arrested?

When Charles doesn’t break, Alexis asks Bruce to convince Charles to tell her where Big Sun is hiding. If Big Sun is arrested, Alexis promises not to charge Charles for a single crime, meaning he can be a free man. However, Bruce has a plan of his own and wants to kill Big Sun so his mom and brother can live a normal, peaceful life.

Bruce arrives at the safehouse and aims the gun to kill Big Sun but changes his mind. Unfortunately, he accidentally fires the bullet, hitting Big Sun in the stomach. To save his life, Big Sun takes himself to the hospital and is eventually arrested.

How does The Brothers Sun end?

When the dust settles, everything falls into place, but soon after, Mama Sun reveals that she now plans to go to Taiwan and become the Dragon Head to make the triad more organized and legitimate. Even though Bruce doesn’t like it, he agrees because this is what his mother wants. But what about her revenge with Big Sun?

In the final moments of the finale, Mama Sun sneaks into Big Sun’s hospital room, fakes his reports, and gives him an insulin injection that will eventually leave him weak, paralyzed, and unable to speak.

Charles also offers to go to Taiwan with Mama Sun, but she tells him to follow his dream, get married, and have children. However, towards the end, we see him accompanying his mother to Taiwan. 

Is there a mid-credit scene?

The finale also packs a major mid-credits scene where two men, one of them Chinese, discuss Big Sun’s trial and Jack Ma’s testimony.

The Chinese man is revealed to be one of Big Sun’s trusted associates, and it becomes clear that he plans to assassinate Jack Ma to ensure Alexis’s case against Big Sun crumbles. This raises the possibility that Big Sun might be acquitted in the upcoming season, and upon his release, he will resume efforts to reclaim his empire and seek revenge on Mama Sun, Charles, and Bruce. 

The Episode Review

Episode 8 of The Brothers Sun brings the show to an epic conclusion, laced with Sun family drama and unexpected twists. Charles faces a tough choice when he’s asked to kill his brother, Bruce, but he decides to break free from his father’s grip. Mama Sun also neutralizes Big Sun.

As the dust settles, Mama Sun reveals her new plan to legitimize the triad and become the Dragon Head.  However, the mid-credits scene teases a potential comeback for Big Sun and an unpredictable future for the Sun family.

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  1. That’s not the way Episode 8 ends at least not the version I watched. Charles does not set up a bakery. He goes to Taiwan with his Mother.

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