The Brothers Sun – Episode 5 “The Rolodex” Recap & Review

The Rolodex

In episode 4 of The Brothers Sun, things take a dark and bloody turn. Sleepy Chan arrives in LA for a square, agreeing to all of Charles’s terms with the sole condition that Sun Tai Tai will not attend the square. However, the meeting goes horribly wrong when assassins from the Red Ribbon gang infiltrate the spa and brutally kill Sleepy Chan. Charles and Drowsy do their utmost to fight off the assassins, but a hand grenade explosion takes Drowsy’s life and leaves Charles with a concussion.

At the start of episode 5, Charles regains consciousness and is surprised to find himself in Alexis’ house, who picked him up while he was trying to escape the spa. Once again, Alexis presses Charles for information about what’s going on and the connection to the assassins with red ribbons, but Charles refuses to share anything. Alexis reveals that Charles isn’t the only one targeted by the assassins, as a couple of them attempt to kill her in the parking lot earlier.

Desperate to contact his family, Charles tries to leave to retrieve his phone from the Ka-Spa, but Alexis pleads with him to stay and recover while she retrieves his phone for him. Charles is convinced that the Ka-Spa massacre wasn’t a coincidence but premeditated. Someone tipped off the gang that a square was going to be held in the spa. Meanwhile, Bloodboots and Mama Sun ride together to find someone who can give them information about the Red Ribbon gang. Little does she know, it is her that the Red Ribbon gang wants. 

Before Sleepy Chan’s death, he revealed to Bruce that the Red Ribbon Gang is after Lou Lou, which translates to Rolodex—Mama Sun’s nickname. Surprisingly, Mama Sun was their target all along. Mama Sun, wanting to know more about the gang, questions her contact, Hong, but the man betrays her, handing her over to the Red Ribbon Gang members. But what exactly does the Red Ribbon Gang want with Mama Sun?

The kidnappers introduce themselves as The Boxers and admire Mama Sun’s smarts, especially how she figured out who the triad members are. They want Mama Sun to spill the names of the triad leaders, promising no harm if she does. Mama Sun tries to make a deal, offering them control of LA if they keep her family safe. Thanks to their spy network, the mahjong club, Bruce and Xing get a lead on Hong, the salesman Mama Sun supposedly met.

They get the answers they need by pinning Hong’s hand to the counter. In pain, Hong informs that Mama Sun is held by the Boxers, but he doesn’t know where. Luckily, Bloodboot, who’s been tailing Mama Sun, reveals her location to Bruce and Xing. Bloodboot gets caught and shot in the head when Mama Sun stays silent about the Triad members. But Bruce, using his brain, rescues Mama Sun by rallying a group of old women from the mahjong club and storming the building.

Plot twist: Alexis has been playing Charles from the start and has secretly installed GPS and monitoring software to track his every move and exchange. When Charles returns home, he’s told about Bloodboot’s death and also that Mama Sun, aka Rolodex, is the real target. To clarify, Mama Sun is the only person in the world who knows the true identities of all the Triad members. This makes her a high-stakes target for those aiming to disassemble the Triad.

With no other choice, Mama Sun discloses the true identities of all the triad members to Bruce. The episode concludes with Mama Sun advising Bruce to use this information as leverage if he ever finds himself in a tight spot with the Boxers. 

The Episode Review

In episode 5 of The Brothers Sun, Mama Sun gets into big trouble when she tries to find out about the Red Ribbon Gang. She ends up kidnapped, and Bloodboots sadly gets shot in the skull trying to rescue her. To protect her family, Mama Sun tells Bruce the real names and locations of the triad members. The episode ends with the brothers going into hiding, Mama Sun flying to Shanghai, and a surprising family secret coming out. 

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