The Brothers Sun – Episode 4 “Square” Recap & Review


In the previous episode of The Brothers Sun, Bruce falls into the hands of June, May’s sister, seeking revenge for her sister’s death. June resorts to extreme measures by cutting off TK’s thumb. However, Bruce manages to convince her that they share a common enemy, leading to an unexpected alliance.

June agrees to join Charles’s mission to find Sleepy Chan. As the episode concludes, Mama Sun suggested to killing Tony to force Sleepy Chan out of hiding. June, complying with the plan, executes Tony in a brutal manner, sending a clear message of approaching danger to Sleepy Chan.

Episode 4 of The Brothers Sun kicks off with Mama Sun announcing to everyone at the dinner table, including Bloodboot who has arrived from Taiwan, that their plan has succeeded. A willow tree piece wrapped in yellow gauze has been sent to Yuan, signalling that Sleepy Chan will meet, and he’s bringing his son, Drowsy Lee, along.

For clarity, Sleepy Chan is a powerful and influential triad figure, constantly in conflict with Big Sun for control of the Jade Dragon Society. Following Tony’s death, a square is called, and per triad rules, it cannot be refused. This means Sleepy Chan must attend, as does Mama Sun. 

The meetup is arranged at Ka-Spa, smack in the center of Korea Town. It’s an open, public spot, leaving little space for Sleepy Chan to pull any tricks. Charles insists on Bruce being there to learn the triad ways, but Mama Sun firmly opposes, wanting Bruce far away from the scene.

At the meeting, Drowsy Lee immediately makes it clear that he’s not to be trifled with. Long hair, muscles, and a calm demeanor scream that he’s both brawn and brains. It also appears that there’s a history between Charles and Drowsy; maybe they had a history we don’t yet know about.

Drowsy tells Charles that Sleepy agrees to all their demands, but with one exception: he doesn’t want Mama Sun at the square. This means he doesn’t want Charles’s mother to attend the big triad meeting. Sleepy Chan doesn’t want Mama Sun in the meeting so he can turn other members against her and prove to everyone that the Sun family is no longer in a position or capable of leading the Red Dragon Triad.

Mama Sun agrees but makes Charles promise that he will kill Sleepy Chan if he finds any evidence that Sleepy is the one who planned the attacks on his family. Charles also asks Bloodboot to take care of his family if he doesn’t make it out of the meeting alive. At the meeting, Sleepy Chan clarifies that he’s not trying to harm the Sun family and other triad members. According to Sleepy, they’re being targeted by a common enemy.

However, before Sleepy can reveal anything further, he is killed by the same Red Ribbon gang members who have hidden themselves in the room. Charles and Drowsy fight side by side, but the latter ends up losing his life when one of the gang members detonates a hand grenade.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of The Brothers Sun is a wild ride! Mama Sun’s plan to confront Sleepy Chan takes an unexpected turn when he’s mysteriously killed during a big meeting. Newcomer Drowsy Lee seemed like a major player, but he’s killed soon after. Tensions rise, secrets wear down, and with other unexpected twists, the episode keeps us hooked on the Sun family drama. Let’s see what befalls the Sun family in the coming episodes.

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