The Brothers Sun – Episode 3 “Whatever You Want” Recap & Review

Whatever You Want

During the last The Brothers Sun episode, Bruce, the younger brother, finds out the secrets about his family. He learns why his dad sent him away, figures out what the Jade Dragon Society is, and discovers who’s behind the attack on his father. As the episode ends, a mysterious woman with a dark and strange dragon tattoo named June kidnaps Bruce. In addition, the same woman has also kidnapped TK.

Episode 3 of The Brothers Sun kicks off with Charles receiving a call from one of his father’s most trusted men. The person on the other end informs Charles that it’s not just Father Sun who’s in danger but also many other members of the Jade Dragon Society. The associate also updates Charles about his father’s condition, stating that there’s been no improvement; he’s still unconscious but expected to recover.

Towards the end of the call, Charles requests the associate send Bloodboot and the rest of his crew to handle the bodies in Los Angeles. Moreover, Charles also asks the associate to arrange a face-to-face meeting with Sleepy Chan to discuss peace terms. Charles believes that an agreement would be mutually beneficial but warns that if Sleepy Chan refuses, he will resort to the only language he knows: violence.

During lunch with Alexis, Charles is interrupted by a call from his mother, who reveals that Bruce has not been answering her calls and texts. The duo rushes to his college and, after meeting Bruce’s classmate, Grace, learns that a woman with dark hair and a peculiar tattoo has kidnapped Bruce. Mother Sun’s expression suggests that she knows who Grace is talking about. 

Meanwhile, June explains to Bruce and TK that she’s not doing it for money or fun but to get back at them for her sister May’s death. The sisters were orphans and had to take care of themselves since they were ten. June feels guilty for not being with her sister on the day of the shooting and blames herself for not protecting her. Finally, Bruce breaks and tells June where to find his brother, Charles, but the address he gives leads her to a Chick-fil-A.

Mother Sun brings Charles to her mahjong club, described by her as a complex network of spies, where most of the time, they have all the right answers. Charles initially sees it as a waste of time, doubting that these elderly women can help find Bruce’s kidnapper.

However, he’s proven wrong when a club member tells them about Tony Tang, an old man supplying drugs to the White Crane Gang. Interestingly, Tony Tang also happens to own the number 1 seafood restaurant in Alhambra, and the woman wasn’t boasting—it’s literally the hotel’s name.

Charles beats up Tang’s guys and gets the address of the White Cranes’ secret warehouse, where June was keeping Bruce. Charles arrives at the warehouse, and as they are ready to exchange blows, Bruce jumps in between and convinces June that they’re not May’s killers, but it’s Sleepy Chan. They all decide to team up and forget their beef to find the real culprit. 

During dinner, June shares with Charles that a thug from the Red Ribbon Gang (not their real name) visited her tattoo shop for a specific phrase tattoo. Surprisingly, it’s the same phrase Mother Sun found in the Giant’s apartment. Mother Sun also adds her reconnaissance results, revealing that Tony Tang and Sleepy Chan are working together in cahoots. She suggests that the only way to draw out Sleepy Chan is by eliminating Tony Tang.

Charles is on board, but June sways him to let her take care of Tang to get her revenge. However, this whole kidnapping ordeal turns out to be a blessing in disguise for Bruce, as his mom grants him permission to pursue his improv career. As episode 3 comes to an end, we learn that Tony Tang has been murdered, and the killer has cut his hands and legs like they were sending a message. 

The Episode Review

In episode 3, Bruce learns more about his family secrets and also gets kidnapped by June, seeking revenge for her sister. When the air is cleared, Charles teams up with June against a common enemy.

Mother Sun’s mahjong club also reveals Tony Tang’s dark ties with Sleepy Chan. Amid the chaos, Bruce gets freedom for his improv dreams. The episode was jam-packed with personal vendettas, family dynamics, crime, and, as always, intense action. 

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