The Boys – Season 4 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7 Recap

Here is the recap of Episode 7 of The Boys Season 4 titled “The Insider” which is set during the Christmas holidays. Ryan is rehearsing for a kids’ commercial and has to sing a jingle about how the Antifa hate Supes and America. It goes on about how kids should also report their parents if they are Antifa. Ryan is uncomfortable and leaves. In his suite, he finds a Christmas gift from Don T. Beakunt (aka Butcher) and sees that it is a photo of Butcher, Becca and their pet dog.

Meanwhile, Homelander and Firecracker team up against Sage as they claim she is not smart enough to find the leak or stop The Boys from bugging Tek-Knight’s party. She is demoted as Homelander tells her to simply focus on finding a shooter. A-Train eavesdrops and alerts The Boys. As for The Deep, he keeps making empty promises to Ambrosius the octopus but abandons her to hook up with Sage.

Meanwhile, the Boys are trying to get their loved ones to leave the country should Vicky become president. Annie’s mom, Donna is stubborn and instead calls her out for being a role model who had an abortion. She stirs the pot further by revealing that Hughie has saved the Starlight costume. Hughie tries to apologise to an upset Annie who finally breaks down and reveals that she doesn’t want to bring a child into a world that is ending.

The Boys regroup and Butcher returns as he accepts that he has hit a snag. He tells them about Sameer and the airborne virus while Joe tries to stop him as he thinks it is a bad idea to get The Boys involved. Butcher is disoriented which the rest notice.

But they have a game plan now – Butcher has sprung Frenchie out of prison to help Sameer, they will make enough of the virus to kill Homelander and Vicky, and the rest will look into Sage’s shooter. MM reveals that he is not cut out to be a leader and lets Butcher take over much to everyone’s surprise. He then tries to get his family to leave but Monique insists on him coming with them.

A-Train checks in on Ashley who finally learns that Coleman was killed because they framed him as the leak. She is a wreck and wants to run away to Florence but A-Train tells her to get it together. Next, he is shocked to learn that MM is leaving with Monique. He reveals that MM made him a real superhero who actually saves people. But when that doesn’t work, A-Train points out that Homelander’s vengeance will follow MM wherever he goes.

Meanwhile, Hughie, Annie and Butcher head to the shooter’s place. A sick Butcher continues to give Joe the silent treatment as he has bigger problems when they find evidence that the shooter plans to assassinate Singer at his next rally. The trio find a girl locked up but when they rescue her, she turns out to be the shooter as she cuts Hughie and runs. She happens to be a shapeshifter as she changes into an old woman who crosses paths with her and escapes.

At the makeshift lab, Frenchie is kind to Sameer as he does all he can to make the scientist comfortable. He also lies when Sameer asks for assurance that the virus won’t be used on Vicky. Next, Frenchie patches up with Kimiko as he reasons that he shut her off because he was ashamed and didn’t think she would understand.

She reveals that she lost her voice because she was forced to train as a silent assassin. In training, whoever screamed first would be killed. While Kimiko kept winning, now she wishes she should have refused and been killed instead of being the killer. So, she definitely understands where Frenchie is coming from. They agree that they want to be better and even plan to free Sameer once he is done.

At Vought, Firecracker is over the moon as she has found the leak – Webweaver. However, since he doesn’t know the full context, he accepts the accusations as he claims he would leak insider info to Butcher for drugs. Homelander does wonder how Webweaver knew he was meeting Victoria at the ice rink but nevertheless kills him. Annoyed by the developments, he also leaves a harried voicemail to Ryan telling him to suck it up and do the Antifa commercial.

Elsewhere, Ambrosius and Deep get into an argument as she knows about Sage. Furious, he breaks her tank. He realises that she is the only leverage anyone can have over him and lets her die. Free, he is overly confident that he can do anything for Homelander and even agrees to kill Butcher once and for all.

With Noir II, he finds Butcher and Annie at the loft and attacks. With Noir II being able to fly, things aren’t looking good for our heroes as Butcher begs for Joe to help but he doesn’t appear. Right before a gleeful Deep can kill Annie, A-Train and MM come to their rescue. They beat the duo and run off but A-Train’s cover is blown. He tells Ashley that they should follow her plan but she realises she cannot leave. She wishes him the best and tells him to cut out his tracker before he escapes.

Homelander is heartbroken which turns into anger as Sage claims she knew A-Train was the leak all along. It was her plan to feed misinformation to The Boys via A-Train. However, Homelander is angry that she continues to keep secrets and fires her.

Sage runs into a beaten-up Deep and Noir II as she is leaving. Deep tries to hook up with her and it is revealed that she has also been sleeping with Noir II. Except, she doesn’t lobotomize herself to sleep with him and he is in love with her which shocks Deep. 

Meanwhile, Butcher, Annie and MM hide in a bar. MM breaks Monique’s heart as he cannot leave with her. Annie asks Butcher about Joe but he feigns ignorance. Some random woman asks Annie for a selfie while they drink through their feelings. As for Kimiko and Frenchie, their babysitting is over as Sameer finally succeeds.

But with Frenchie unchaining him, Sameer stabs Kimiko in the leg with the virus and hobbles off. Frenchie is too distraught to care as he quickly saws off her leg before the virus can spread. But the good news is that they have the virus now, simply in Kimiko’s sawn-off leg.

Back to Ryan, he listens to Homelander’s voicemail and agrees to the commercial which is shot live. But he realises that the commercial is wrong and disrupts it by saying his mom always taught him to tell the truth. Ashley panics, Homelander is furious while Butcher looks proud as he watches the commercial at the bar.

Joe finally makes an appearance by claiming he was returning the silent treatment. Butcher could care less as he believes in Ryan. But it doesn’t last long as he suddenly falls.

Meanwhile, Hughie pays Vicky a visit, hoping to talk her out of killing Singer. She doesn’t care but she does look hesitant when he brings up the prison camps. Hughie realises that she didn’t know but she refuses to back down. Disappointed, he heads back home to Annie wearing the Starlight costume. She jokes about him fantasizing about the costume and they have sex. But once he is asleep, we learn that she is the shapeshifter as she takes the laptop which has Vicky’s files.

Finally, we see that the real Annie is chained up. She realises that the woman who took the selfie was the shapeshifter and chloroformed her while she was leaving. And with that, the recap of The Boys Season 4 Episode 7 comes to an end.

Episode 7 Review

Now that the recap is done, let’s get on with the review of The Boys Season 4 Episode 7. Of course, Sage knew that A-Train was the leak, he wasn’t exactly being subtle about it. The only reason Vought couldn’t catch him was because all the smart people have been killed or fired.

With Sage wanting to feed misinformation, it could also mean that the shooter disguising herself as one of The Boys could all be part of her plan. Poor Hughie just can’t seem to catch a break though. Was it really clever to include another dub-con sex scene for him right after he is assaulted? Come on, guys! 

But with Sage being fired, will she team up with The Boys? Girly has smart plans but she needs people to execute them. The Boys at least have some firepower now thanks to the virus. We do wonder though how everything will culminate in the finale… There is a lot happening. 

The Boys now have a leak courtesy of Shapeshifter Annie, the real Annie is locked up, A-Train has gone into hiding, Ryan has earned the ire of Homelander and Sameer is on the loose, about to spill everything to Vicky. Doubtful that all of this can be resolved in just one episode but hey, at least it will be entertaining. The show is slowly getting back on track after the previous mess of an episode but let’s see how it’s all executed.

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