The Boys – Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Dirty Business

[trigger warning – sexual assault]

Episode 6 of The Boys Season 4 begins with Butcher and Joe Kessler trying to get Vicky’s baby daddy, Sameer to extract the Supe virus from the V-ed-up sheep and make it more potent. Joe is all about violence while a sick Butcher plays the good cop. 

Meanwhile, The Boys and Daphne give Hughie Sr. the funeral he wanted, sprinkling his ashes at Maid In Manhattan shooting locations. We also see a heartbroken Kimiko as she is hurt that Frenchie turned himself in without telling her. On top of that, he refuses to see her.

Firecracker replaces Cameron Coleman on VNN and her absurd segments have MM trying to meditate. He is interrupted by A-Train who is panicking as Coleman was killed because they framed him as the leak. MM tries to calm him down but in turn, panics as A-Train reveals that Homelander is building an army of Supes. 

A B-list millionaire Supe, Tek-Knight who has super senses has also teamed up with Sage. He is having a Federalist Society Party at his estate and MM wants to infiltrate it to learn of Sage’s plan. Annie wants Hughie to take a break but he insists on joining the mission. Their in is another B-list Supe, Webweaver (a parody of Spiderman) who has an invite to the party.

We then get a gross segment as we are told that The Boys supply Webweaver with drugs and in return, he gives them insider info. MM is forced to give Webweaver an ass shot, and once the Supe blacks out, they steal his suit. And of course, it is Hughie disguising himself as the tall and lanky Webweaver. He needs to bug the place and then get Tek-Knight to the stables where Annie, Kimiko and MM are hiding.

But what they don’t know is that Tek-Knight has invited the country’s billionaires, government officials, Vicky, Homelander, Ryan, Sage, A-Train and Ashley. Vicky can barely stand the racist sexists and even imagines blowing up her head at one point.

As she wonders if the whole thing is worth it, we get more insight into Sage’s plan – she has all the knowledge to cure cancer, reverse global warming and all that jazz but she doesn’t have the power to execute her plans. That is how her sister died of cancer as the doctors refused to look into Sage’s cure research. Sage hopes to control these people and use them.

Elsewhere, Black Noir II is fed up with his gig as no one takes him seriously or tells him how to play his part. He plans to leave which has the Deep worrying that Homelander could kill him. He tries to help by telling Noir II everything he knows about the original Noir – that he loved to kill people. The Deep also confesses that he does know that people laugh at him but they don’t once he beats them up, ending his monologue by stating that violence is power.

Back at the party, Hughie arrives and is barely able to bug some places when Tek-Knight steals him away. He takes him to his sex dungeon which has no network and it has Annie worried. As The Boys move in to extract Hughie, the poor guy learns that Webweaver only got an invite as he agreed to be a “sidekick” to Tek-Knight who is a masochist and Ashley who is a dom. Hughie can easily get out of it by simply saying Webweaver’s safe word, but he doesn’t know it. 

Outside, Homelander demeans Firecracker who tries to pick herself up in the bathroom. She ends up running into Annie who apologises for everything. Just as Firecracker’s defences go down, Annie drugs her.

Elsewhere, Kimiko and MM run into Sage. She brings up MM’s daughter and tries to distract him but he shoots her in the head when she runs to the intercom. The stress gets to him and he faints. A desperate Kimiko catches A-Train and begs him to help. He gives in and rushes MM to the hospital. A young Black kid notices and smiles at A-Train for helping someone. 

Meanwhile, Butcher is getting worse as he sees Becca. She calls him out for hurting Sameer and giving up on Ryan. He claims he is saving the world but she points out that he will simply be replacing Homelander with another (Ryan). He then runs into Joe who explains that war changed him and he likes hurting people even if he pretends otherwise. He asks Butcher which is the real him. 

Back at the party, Sage is out of commission as she has brain damage. Homelander is forced to explain their plan as he reveals that he wants everyone in the room to call the 25th Amendment and replace Singer with his VP – Vicky. However, the officials are not convinced as they ask how Homelander will handle the consequences and the different departments if they oppose the idea.

Homelander fumbles before Vicky steps in and tells them what they want to hear. Once she is the president, she will let the people present in the room do whatever they want. Everyone cheers and Vicky thinks this is all part of Sage’s plan who is simply enjoying her cupcake.

Downstairs, Tek-Knight senses that Hughie is horrified by Ashley’s sexual advances which doesn’t make sense as Webweaver enjoys bondage. He keeps asking for the safe word and when Hughie says the wrong one, his mask is taken off. Tek-Knight is ecstatic to see that he has Hughie chained up and decides to disfigure and rape him before alerting Homelander.

But before he can get started, Annie and Kimiko finally reach the dungeon and take out Tek-Knight. The torture doesn’t get them anywhere since Tek-Knight is a masochist. But they get the brilliant idea of giving away his money to charity which has him breaking down. He reveals that Homelander and Sage plan to use his prisons as internment camps.

With all the secrets revealed, Tek-Knight’s butler, Elijah chokes him. He has always been supportive but he draws the line at prison camps. He promises to make Tek-Knight’s death look like an accident and also reveals that Webweaver’s safe word was ‘Zendaya’.

Following the mess, MM wakes up in the hospital and learns that he had a panic attack. Kimiko has nowhere to go and continues to wait for Frenchie. Hughie and Annie listen to the bugs and wonder if Vicky knows about the prison camps. Hughie also breaks down as the sexual assault and his dad’s death gets to him. 

At Vought, Firecracker tells Homelander that Annie snuck in and most likely killed Tek-Knight. Homelander believes she is the leak as she let Annie escape. However, Firecracker gives a big speech about how he has given her everything so she will always be loyal to him. To prove herself, she has drugged herself to pump out breastmilk which she offers to him.

Meanwhile, Butcher continues to push Sameer who confesses that if he makes a virus strong enough for Homelander, it will become airborne. Imaginary Becca pleads Butcher to stop as it would kill innocent Supes including Ryan, Annie and Kimiko. Annoyed, Joe finally snaps at her shocking Butcher.

Turns out, Butcher never saved Joe and is just his imagination. The real Joe died on that last tour and since Season 4, Butcher has been hallucinating him. At the end of The Boys Season 4 Episode 6, Joe reasons that he killed Ezekiel for Butcher, he is Butcher which means they both have the same mindset – to kill all Supes.

The Episode Review

With The Boys Season 4 Episode 6, we finally learn more of Sage and why she is doing whatever she is doing. We knew she was too smart to simply align with Homelander with no other agenda. But we do wonder where that smartness went off to when she tried to call for help with MM’s gun on her. Well, that is the weakness of writing a character whose superpower is being the smartest person on Earth.

It simply means Sage is as smart as the smartest The Boys writer. So, we suppose we can cut her some slack. At least she is entertaining, poor Vicky was so confused with brain damage Sage simply nodding at her.

By the way, Hughie’s assault scene was hard to watch even if it is of dubious consent. It doesn’t help that it is so prolonged and definitely enters some grey area. Sure, we can say that such a traumatic incident is what finally has Hughie breaking down, but it could have been handled deftly. 

But on to the best part of the episode which is Butcher finally coming face to face with the devil on his shoulder. It did feel that way since the beginning as no one ever seems to have seen Joe. And he also happens to be a man of extremes, the perfect character to play the devil’s advocate. It is also pretty cool that Butcher’s angel and devil are Becca, who died while Butcher tried to do the right thing and Joe who died as Butcher abandoned him and selfishly ran to save his own life.

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