The Boys – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Proper Preparation and Planning

Episode 2 of The Boys Season 2 begins with Butcher sitting in the basement. From here, we cut back to see what happened to him following season 1’s big cliffhanger.

Disorientated and confused, Butcher awakens in a parking lot of a restaurant. As he heads inside to write down an address, the news report confirms Madelyn’s death. This prompts him to leave given his face flashes up on screen.

Back in the basement, Kimiko continues to write “Boy” on her paper while Butcher and Hughie come to blows over Madelyn’s death. That blow eventually leads Butcher out to see Grace where he strikes a deal; if he can bring a Super Terrorist to her then they’re off the hook.

Homelander visits his son and tries to convince him to use his powers. While he does, Becca watches on concerned and worried for her son’s well-being. This is only made worse by Homelander refusing to leave.

The Deep embraces his therapy and speaks to Carol. Unfortunately Carol sees him as a hopeless case. Thankfully, Eagle has just the remedy – a shrimp tea.

That tea brings him into the bedroom where his gills start talking to him. It’s just what he needs too, as they start singing “You are so beautiful to me,” harmoniously together. It’s an utterly bizarre scene but one that works surprisingly well.

With Stormfront now part of the Seven, Starlight delivers a promotional video for the public. She then joins Ashley as the group prepare to greet the public. Only, Maeve receives an urgent call and leaves.

This call brings her to Elena in hospital who has her listed as an emergency contact. Eventually they talk plainly and she admits the truth about Homelander.

While she’s gone, Stormfront’s unconventional PR sends Ashley spiraling… until A-Tran suddenly bursts back on the scene. Uh oh.

It doesn’t take long before he brings up exactly what happened the night he passed out on Compound V, and tensions could not be higher.

This is only made worse by Gecko giving Starlight the sample of Compound V right in the midst of the party. Thankfully, Stormfront arrives and gives Starlight some pretty sound advice about dropping her facade and being herself.

When Starlight heads back to her apartment, A-Train shows up and finds the sample. However, she takes Stormfront’s advice and stands up for herself. Finally playing as one of the Seven, she blackmails him into submission.

Meanwhile, the group head on their operation into a costume store. Their target happens to be a guy called Mouse who just so happens to be Kimiko’s brother. He has some pretty crazy powers too, including moving objects with his hands.

Hughie stops Butcher from shooting him down and the consequences are pretty dire. Mouse knocks down the scaffolding and he rushes off with Kimiko together. An irate Butcher then kicks Hughie out the team.

The rest of the team are not happy with his decision though and stand by his side. Sighing heavily, Butcher eventually submits and reveals that Becca is still alive. He’s desperate to find her and save the girl from Homelander’s tyrannical grip.

At the same time, Kimiko and Mouse discuss their home village. She tries to convince him to head back to the basement but he’s having none of it. Instead, he uses his powers to hurt his sister, throwing her through an apartment building.

It’s not enough to stop her, as she comes racing back and knocks him out. Just in time too, as the A-Team show up and bundle Mouse into the back of their car.

Outside though, Hughie receives a punch to the face for his troubles from Butcher.

The Episode Review

While the second episode progresses the story forward, the intriguing part of this comes from Starlight’s changing persona. It’s interesting to see her start to stand up for herself and play the Seven at their own game.

However, this also comes at the cost of using under-handed tactics and questionable short-cuts. Blackmail is certainly within her forte now and the more she realizes this the more it sets up a slippery path down to the dark side.

The situation with Butcher is starting to become volatile too and it seems like Hughie and Butcher’s problems could spill over into something quite destructive going forward.

A-Train returning is a concern for everyone too but it’s Stormfront who really steals the show. Her personality and care-free attitude really helps her stand out.

For now though, The Boys solidifies itself as one of the must-watch series this year. Let’s hope that momentum can continue!

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