The Boys – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Big Ride

Episode 1 of The Boys Season 2 wastes absolutely no time getting down to brass tacks. With a violent, bloody opening, Amazon Prime welcomes back its anti-heroes with a bang.

The Department of Defense receive an order of food but Stan Edgar ignores the poor delivery man in favour of discussing the supes. They’re going to report to him and he’s in charge. While he boasts about their powers, we cut to Syria where Black Noir leads a bloody massacre against a super terrorist group known as “Narkeem.”

Homelander meanwhile rallies the people to his cause through Translucent’s death. With Starlight lending her voice, the Seven make a big show of things. Of course, a bitter Deep sits in a bar elsewhere watching this unfold on TV with disdain.

This manifests itself in a pretty poor way, as he causes problems at a kids’ water park. He makes bail though, thanks to the enigmatic Eagle the Archer.

Archer brings Deep back home and introduces him to Carol. Carol happens to be a therapist and The Deep is brought in to discuss his (no pun intended) deep mental issues.

Deep’s not the only one watching Transluent’s funeral either. Hughie happens to be watching the broadcast on his phone. Living in a dingy basement, he starts getting ready while Starlight does the same. Hughie and Starlight meet on the subway and discuss their current situation.

It’s not looking good for them, as Hughie and the others have become America’s Most Wanted after what happened with Butcher. Given he’s nowhere to be found, Hughie tries rallying the troops but Mother’s Milk cuts him off. He reminds them that they’re alone in this fight.

Meanwhile, Homelander introduces Ashley, his new assistant. She has big news which comes in the form of a new candidate to replace Translucent. Despite his initially impressive display, Homelander realizes the boy is blind.

Clapping his ears at lightning quick speed, Homelander makes it very clear he’s the one who calls the shots and decides who joins the Seven.

Homelander continues to exert his authority during a focus group too, as terms like ‘Super Terrorist’ and ‘Saving The World’ don’t resonate on Homelander’s frequency. Given this is directly linked to the military, ‘Saving America’ is the catchphrase he guns for.

The issue with the Super Terrorists (villains) continues as Hughie and the others realize one has been smuggled in along with a group of other humans on the dock.

Kimiko becomes frazzled and after watching a news report, writes “Boy” on a sheet of paper. Hughie meanwhile admits that he’s been seeing Starlight in a bid to get Compound V. Despite using burner phones, Mother’s Milk is not happy.

“If you’re the reason I can’t finish my doll house, I will end you,” He curses through gritted teeth.

Hughie takes charge of the situation though and decides they should go to the CIA for help. Jumping in the van, they head out but Mother’s Milk warns him that if Homelander finds out, they’re toast.

For now they try to play it cool and meet the Director of the CIA in private. There, they discuss the video footage they’ve uncovered. All of this is a coup from inside Vought. Only, before they can find out anything more, her head suddenly explodes like a grotesque pinata.

While this is going on, Starlight meets her old pal Gecko. Unbeknownst to him, she’s seen him acting as an S&M hooker as a side-gig, letting people destroy his limbs. Given he has regenerative abilities, he’s not hurt.

Starlight’s proposal however, certainly does. Blackmailing the poor boy, she asks him to steal a sample of Compound V.

Homelander continues to drum up public support with another PR video – this time of the army. However, a social-media obsessed supe from Portland arrives to see them. That supe comes in the form of Stormfront.

She puts them in a difficult position when Stormfront introduces herself as the new member of The Seven. Given he’s online, Homelander is forced to grin and bear this less-than-welcome news.

This brings him back to Stan’s office in a fit of rage. It’s a tense affair, to say the least. As they stare one another down, Stan reminds him they’re not a superhero company – they’re a pharmaceutical business.

With the secret of Compound V out, Homelander’s put in a tough position and forced to play ball for now.

Back at his hideout, Hughie receives a call from Starlight who confirms they’re getting Compound V from Gecko. On the back of what’s happened, he decides they should bide their time before doing anything rash.

As he hangs up, Butcher returns to the basement and takes charge of the situation. “Don’t worry, Daddy’s home.”

The Episode Review

With a strong episode of action, drama and foundation setting, The Boys wastes no time settling into a familiar rhythm. The action is just as bloody as it was before and the satirical tone is much stronger this time.

The capitalistic agenda stuff and the manipulation of a nation continues to front this superhero series. It works perfectly too and alongside the characters, does well to really add an air of tension to the formula.

Stormfront’s appearance is sure to kick up a storm and already Homelander is sensing some very dark clouds on the horizon. With Butcher back and the gang ready to use Compound V to their advantage, all eyes now turn to the remainder of the season.

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