The Boys – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Innocents” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of The Boys picks up where we left off, with Starlight going dark while the rest of the supers scramble to maintain good press.

Meanwhile, our dysfunctional group piece together everything that’s happened so far. Homelander is a bit of a black hole but the rest of the supers were created in a laboratory. If the world find this out, it could cause nationwide unrest and be the end for the Vought group. As the group decide what to do next, Starlight returns to the main base and is given a stern talking to by Madelyn. However, unlike the other supers, she’s not able to be manipulated so easily and she gives Madelyn some terms to adhere to in order for her to continue working there.

Butcher and Hughie grow closer together as they walk through the streets. Butcher comments on Hughie’s transformation over the episodes before they head to a church group about supers where Butcher rips into them. It turns out Homelander raped his wife and that’s why he’s so hellbent on bringing down the Vought group.

Starlight’s speech causes social media ripples which forces Madelyn to make The Deep come out and admit what he did to the young girl. While he struggles to find the right words to soften the impact of this, Mother’s Milk follows up a lead and finds a man named Mesmer who can read people by touching them. Butcher and the others recruit him to read The Female. Unfortunately, she breaks his wrist mid-read but after some time, she eventually allows him to read her properly where we learn a little more about her past. Her name is Kimiko and she wants to go back to get her brother out from the jungle.

Having gained a lot of evidence over the weeks, Butcher takes everything he’s got back to the feds but they can’t give him everything he needs – namely Homelander on a plate. Raynar gets cold feet and bows out. Unfortunately, Starlight also finds out her honesty has been used against her in a public advert which certainly doesn’t sit well with our super.

Mesmer takes what he knows and sells out the guys to Homelander in the hope he’ll get a posting at their headquarters. Instead, our antagonist silently flies off without saying a word.

As Hughie and Starlight share a kiss together, Butcher shows up and warns Hughie that she will find out what he’s done to Translucent and that its only a matter of time before this comes unraveled.

Once again The Boys delivers another decent episode, one full of good drama and some pretty shocking revelations. Finding out what Homelander has done to Butcher’s wife adds an extra dimension to his character while Starlight and Hughie’s whirlwind romance is almost certain to end in doom. With two episodes to go, The Boys does a great job here with an episode that furthers the plot and sets everything up ready for the final fight to come.


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