The Boys Presents: Diabolical – Episode 5 “BFFS” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of The Boys Presents: Diabolical begins with a girl called Sky scoring drugs from a dealer. However, en-route the car crashes and she’s forced out with her marijuana…and a serum from Compound V. She’s encouraged to take hit from the joint as her friends peer pressure her to get involved.

That night though, Sky heads back home alone, takes the compound and ends up confronted with a mini poop, which Sky dresses up with eyelashes and a bow. The sentient poop decides to name herself Areola.

The Deep soon shows up to see Sky, where he’s shocked to see the mini-turd wandering around. They’re taken to Vought HQ, where it’s studied for research. Sky is paid off $1000 and a refurbished iPad… which certainly doesn’t work given she has an emotional bond with the thing now.

So Sky breaks into Vought, frees Areola and flushes her down the toilet. Sky eventually heads into the sewers herself, determined to catch up and find her. After their reunion, The Deep appears and demand she stop. However, Sky soon realizes what her true power is – she can control turds.

After stopping The Deep in his tracks, Sky heads back to her normal life, only now with a brand new superpower for good measure.

The Episode Review

Written by Awkwafina, thos entire episode plays out like a wacky anime but leans into toilet humour to try and be funny. Sure, some people may find it humorous but to be honest, it’s not exactly original given South Park have been doing this gag since the 90’s.

Instead, this is easily the weakest episode of the whole anthology, with an open-ending and not much in the way of plot. While it’s not entirely disappointing, given the visuals and animation are pretty decent, there’s unfortunately not much substance to this one.

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