The Boys Presents: Diabolical – Episode 4 “Boyd In 3D” Recap & Review

Boyd In 3D

Episode 4 of The Boys Presents: Diabolical begins with a guy called Boyd encouraged to be a product tester. He takes up the offer, where the scientists claim their moisturiser can bring out the best of him.

Boyd does just that, lathering the cream all over himself and becoming a very different person. Boyd ends up with a brand new suave and handsome look.

Boyd immediately woos his neighbour Cherry with his boyish good looks, heading out for numerous dates with her. The thing is, this cream needs to be reapplied every few days or so. However, Cherry actually applies the cream too but she turns into a cat. She’s always wanted to be a pussycat and the two wind up making love.

Things go great for a while but when they’re kicked off the trial, the pair find themselves with no more moisturiser left. Fast forward a month and Boyd Doone eventually manages to patch things up with Cherry, who heads over with some mail and claims that she sees him, properly this time. Only, that’s not true.

As we cut back to the Vought HQ, Boyd’s head literally explodes as it’s revealed this was all a hallucination brought on from overuse of the moisturiser.

The Episode Review

This episode works really well to hammer home the idea of vanity and how true beauty lies within, rather than with your looks. It’s a solid chapter in truth, although the ending is a little disappointing, if I’m being honest.

However, the episode has a great ebb and flow to it despite that, leaning into the solid premise and making good on the promise of making Vought look absolutely awful. The themes and drama are the real winners here though, as Diabolical delivers another really solid episode.

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