The Boys Presents: Diabolical – Episode 3 “I’m Your Pusher” Recap & Review

I’m Your Pusher

Episode 3 of The Boys Presents: Diabolical changes the art style and ideas across to something far closer to the comic books The Boys is based on. Banging at the door opens the chapter, as Billy Butcher shows up at O.D.’s place, asking him where the children’s blood is. He’s a fixer for many of The Seven, including Homelander and A-Train. Butcher intends to use him to get back at The Seven.

Butcher hands over a serum and demands O.D. fix up Great Wide Wonder with this purple juice. If not? Well, he’s going to be in touch with the DEA and, subsequently, put him in prison.

So why does Butcher want revenge on the Great Wide Wonder? Apparently he’s killed several people, much like many of The Seven have, and with no remorse for his actions, Butcher is going to play judge, jury and executioner.

The next day, Great Wide Wonder takes the serum and starts flying around, losing control and eventually smashing through Ironcast and exploding into a bloody heap on the wall.

As Homelander and Maeve watch on, they soon use their quick wits to think of a way to distract the masses, promising to “avenge” Great Wide Wonder and flying up to the sun, where a make-believe war satellite happens to be. Butcher walks away from the drama, leaving O.D. a blubbering mess.

The Episode Review

With a simple story of revenge, this episode  essentially feels like pages ripped right from the comic of The Boys, paying homage to the graphic novel that started it all.

It works really well too, showcasing the conflict that makes up the bulk of The Boy’s run-time, while also depicting these characters in their original animated forms.

While there is an open-ending to all this, it’s not a deal breaker given the anthological format this show adopts. While it’s not quite as good as episode 2, this is a valiant effort nonetheless.

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