The Bouncing Souls – Ten Stories High | Album Review

Track Listing

Ten Stories High
Back To Better
True Believer Radio
Shannon’s Song
Andy And Jackie
Vin And Casey
Magnus Air Organ
To Be Human
Higher Ground


The Bouncing Souls have been going for over 30 years, and the bond isn’t ready to snap any time soon. The band have garnered a massive fanbase over the years, amassing a following that stick to their lyrics like glue and to the riffs like a bloodied bandage, and there’s no let-up with the latest release, Ten Stories High.

The band describes desolation road, and the world as a crippled animal, living on borrowed time. Their lyrics have always been insightful and story driven, maintained by minds that aren’t disconnected. The band knows how honesty can be smashed to pieces in a instance and how hope is fragile and can be pulled from its perch so easily.

Ten Stories High, track by track, is a massive record in substance and foundation, offering the listener a sincere fable. Through it all, the band connects with their listeners and their music has a certain quality which not many punk bands have.

There’s 10 songs on the record, beginning with ‘Back To Better’, which boasts a volatile riff and loud drums, offering moments of anarchy. The band showcase their feeling on the world, and clearly they’re unhappy. They want to see a better planet, which blooms with reason.

‘True Believer Radio’ is a loud offering which focuses on abrasive percussion and rhythm. Again, the band share their thoughts on the state of the world and there’s no denying that this is a political track. 

‘To Be Human’ is tinged with punk influence, and there’s a diamond in the rough walking aimlessly through alleyways crawling with degenerates and rats. Musically, the guitars take centre stage.

It’s fair to say The Bouncing Souls don’t hold back on this release, and their reasons are relevant, delivering a solid LP in the process.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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