The Big Door Prize – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 10 of The Big Door Prize season 2 begins the finale with Dusty brushing off Trina and Jacob when they show up at the shop. He’s angry and shrugs the pair off when they look set to enquire about living together. For now, Jacob is going to talk to Beau and decide it’s a yes, deciding ahead of actually getting the all clear from her mum and dad. Instead, she heads to Jason’s place and opens up Kolton’s Morpho card. And what’s on there? Well, it turns out it says “Guide”. And that matches exactly what’s on the Morpho machine.

Elsewhere, the marching band signals the start of the Deerfield Parade. Izzy plays up the deer and is pretty rude to Hana when she passes. Hana though, speaks to Reuben and points out that she’s the only one who didn’t have a vision but she did see a white deer. Reuben contemplates whether there’s more than one Morpho machine and it certainly opens up an intriguing question.

While this is happening, Cass has her ideas embraced as Giorgio gives her the go-ahead for a meatball truck. Cass feels really valued but Giorgio undercuts her by asking Nat to get married on New Year’s.

Trina returns to the Morpho machine with Dusty and hands over the card. When Jacob appears, things are super awkward. He’s not happy that she breached his trust and Dusty is caught in the middle of this. Naturally, he ends up a little awkward but he angrily hands over the card to Dusty and bursts out the shop. Trina follows while Dusty is left on his own. In fact, Jacob lashes out and decides he wants to be left alone and interprets his card as needing to be a single player, rather than doing a 2 player act.

While Cass sticks up for herself in the wake of another trademark Dusty remark, Cassie does a great job with her song and kills it. As for Izzy, she seems to be inspired by her daughter’s move and decides to ditch being the deer for Deerfest. The float is empty and instead, she goes off to see Freya and the pair share some chocolates (deer drops) and giggle together.

In the middle of this, Beau gives Cass some encouraging words… and then brings up that Trina is leaving and moving in, Cass starts spiralling and speaks to her daughter in confidence, telling her that she doesn’t want to be alone and also doesn’t want to be with Dusty anymore.

As for Dusty, he’s also wondering just what he’s supposed to do in life, believing that he’s hurtling out of control. As he contemplates this, he ends up seeing a deer by the front of the corner shop, who encourages him to go inside the corner store.

At the same time, Reuben and Hana show up at the old bar that the latter used to work at and find that there’s no Morpho machine. Hana doesn’t think there’s anything here for her…but Reuben shatters that illusion when he finds an envelope addressed to her on the floor by the backdoor. It’s a tape recorder and she decides to listen to it alone. It’s her father. He speaks to a young Hana and she plays her song… which is exactly the chime from the Morpho Machine.

We don’t see what that is though, as we cut back to Dusty. He approaches the Morpho machine, puts the card inside and the words flicker on the screen. “To achieve your potential you must discover who you are”. And with that, the animation sees him in town alongside everyone else. All the other residents.

It flickers across the screen and then pops up with the “Continue?” question. He chooses to do that, and the butterfly wings open. As the wings continue to flutter, Dusty inexplicably finds himself inside the machine. A man approaches on the other side of the glass… as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Frustratingly, The Big Door Prize gives us absolutely no answers beyond the fact that the machine could be made by Hana’s father and that she is inexplicably tied to all of this. Furthermore, the figure approaching Dusty in the machine could actually be Hana’s father too, explaining his absence. This would also make sense as to why Hana doesn’t have a card, given she’s been part of this Morpho experience her whole life.

We do learn that Dusty and Cass are not meant to be together and it’s clear that they’re not going to go through with rekindling their relationship. At least not right now anyway. There’s just too much that they don’t have in common and they’ve clearly drifted apart.

At the same time, we get the drama involving Trina and Jacob, which is also left unresolved. This is likely to spill over to season 3… should Apple decide to renew this one. We’ll jave to wait and see on that front but on the whole, season 2 has been a rather enjoyable comedic romp.

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