The Big Door Prize – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review


Episode 9 of The Big Door Prize begins with Dusty and Cass in bed together in the morning. Dusty wakes her up whistling and their little pet peeves start to come crawling back. A knock at the door interrupts them though as Nat and Giorgio show up and see them together. They let themselves in because Dusty and Cass are now un-selfplorated. They even have breakfast prepared; the workers from Giorgio’s show up and sing a song for them too.

Meanwhile, Trina gets her back up when she discovers Jacob has Kolton’s Morpho Card in his room. Now, he’s apparently not looked at it and it’s good enough for Trina as the pair continue to get along like a house on fire.

They’re interrupted though, as Beau is fired from the ice rink for not being a crucial part of the team. It turns out the real reason is that he keeps breaking into the rink in the morning to figure skate. Although he can’t get his job back, Trev does help Cass.

Speaking of two people getting along well, that brings us along nicely to Dusty and Cass. The pair are clearly not on the same page, and even worse as Dusty hasn’t told Alice anything. He just thinks it’s for the best to leave it but the others don’t agree. They want some closure here and so, Dusty reluctantly stands up and gets ready to face the music.

Dusty shows up at Alice’s place and contemplates leaving a letter for her. When Alice heads out and sees what he’s done (a thank you card? Seriously man, grow some balls), Alice confronts him. She points out that she actually had a vision of them together and that’s why she approached him. She thought they had a real connection and things were happening organically. She had her hopes up but Dusty has made his choice. Is it the right one? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

Trina can see through their façade though. Since the machine has come into their lives, she knows that both her mum and dad have turned into sad parents who don’t know their direction in life. Trina wants to stay with Jacob properly and in the end, he hands over a key and allows her to come stay.

In the wake of this, Dr Woods is called over for Beau, where there’s clear chemistry between them. As they begin flirting, Trina and Jacob hightail it out of there.

While all this is going on, Izzy gets the townsfolk ready for the big Deerfest Parade. It’s an annual tradition where local businesspeople compete for the prize of Best Float. Now, as everyone starts to get ready for the big parade, Dusty speaks to Giorgio about Alice. Specifically, how he felt more free and alive with her. He’s also curious about the visions and wants to know how that ties into him. Did he make the right choice with Cass?

While they talk, Cass speaks to Nat about what Dusty is like. She laments that he always cracks jokes and makes her feel small. She also remembers her vision about stabbing Dusty and wonders whether they’re really meant to be together.

As they converse and contemplate their feelings, we cut across to Dusty and Alice. He speaks to her about the vision and it turns out Dusty was in the plane with her before she jumped out. He gave her the push she needed to jump and that’s why she’s pursued him so aggressively since the selfploration, thinking that they were meant to be together. As for Dusty, he points out that Alice may have been in his vision but he’s not 100% sure. Either way, Alice wishes him luck and leaves.

Frustrated, Dusty shows up at the Morpho machine and bangs it until it short-circuits and glitches out. Instead, the machine ends up with three words in its place – “Please see guide”.

The Episode Review

Uh oh, Dusty may have broken the Morpho machine and as a result, things are left on a precarious knife-edge ready for the finale. Quite what this means going forward is anyone’s guess but it’s definitely something that’s going to encapsulate the finale.

Have Dusty and Cass made the right decision though? Personally, my gut says no. Alice brought out the best part of Dusty and helped him become the man he was always destined to be and he just seemed happy and fulfilled. With Cass, the pair are reminded of their past and that flicker of memory feels more like a clouded question rather than an emphatic statement.

While this is going on, we have the drama with Trina and Jacob, which seems to be moving pretty quickly. We’ll have to see what effect there is on the pair staying together for the foreseeable future. However, everything is left on an intriguing note for the future.

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