The Big Door Prize – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Back In The Saddle

Episode 6 of The Big Door Prize begins with Walter and Beau hanging out and doing sheriff things together. They line dance, eat ice-creams and sing on the radio. Beau though is disillusioned by his job and isn’t sure what his role really is. Walter believes he should give up the card and find his vision, which could show what’s holding him back.

Beau is next in the Morpho machine and it shows him vomiting all over a bunch of flowers at the botanical gardens. He basically has to relive the most humiliating day of his life. Walter interprets that as his worst days being behind him, and with the hat placed firmly back on his head, it’s back to brass tacks again for Beau.

While Beau gets on with being a sheriff, Izzy approaches Walter in the park. He’s got new trainer in Freya and she ends up butting heads with the Mayor. Eventually they agree to go to the public pool together. During aqua class, Giorgio is there too and he picks up some sexual tension between Izzy and Freya. Izzy calls her out for it and the pair are on the same page… especially as it eventually turns to them going out for a drink together.

Back home, Alice shows up to see Dusty with her dog. Cass is there and things are awkward, especially when Dusty has to look after her dog while she’s out. However, her dog seems to be in labour and Cass is forced to help out. At least just this once.

While he settles in, despite the awkwardness, there’s more awkward stuff over at Beau’s. He’s getting ready for a big date, and he rocks up at the bar and immediately tries (and fails spectacularly, it’s hilarious) to banter with Hana. Jacob shows to overlook what his father is doing, and he ends up talking to Hana. He wonders whether Kolton ever used the Morpho machine when he showed up. Trina meanwhile, heads home and sees the dog, immediately starting to give birth.

Back at the bar, Jacob speaks to his dad and they’ve both pretty much sussed that his date, Dr Woods, isn’t showing up. However, Beau is okay with it. You see, he’s lived so much of his life worried what other people have thought of him and now he’s turned a corner. In fact, he admits that he barfed at the gardens because he was so scared about telling his dad he wanted to go figure skating. That anxious feeling in the pit of his stomach caused him to throw up everywhere. However, Beau has overcome that hurdle by getting ready for the date and he’s a changed man.

Back home, Alice’s dog gives birth but things have changed and it’s all very confusing. Despite kissing Alice the night before, Cass and Dusty making goo-goo eyes at one another is not doing anyone any favours. Trina lays down the law, and when the kiss is made public knowledge, she decides that Dusty needs to move out and stay somewhere else for a while.

As the episode closes, we cut across to Jacob and Beau. They contemplate whether to throw Kolton’s wallet in the fire, where it’s also revealed that he happens to have a Morpho card inside. They both decide not to read it, and instead of burning that, they burn Kolton’s sore cream crisps (chips for you Americans!) that Kolton used to love. It’s a way of remembering him and a nice way to see the kid off. As Beau heads inside though, it’s revealed that Jacob actually kept hold of the Morpho card and didn’t burn it. He flips it over, checks what Kolton’s life potential is, and looks thoughtfully at the fire.

The Episode Review

So everything is geared up nicely for next week’s episode, where it should (hopefully) reveal what’s on Kolton’s card. In the meantime, we follow a few different threads this time around and it’ll be interesting to see what direction the story takes.

It would appear that Cass and Dusty are probably going to get back together, while the situation involving the Morpho machine and what it means is still hanging over the entire show. Like the first season, thing have turned much more episodic now so I’d imagine this is the direction we’ll see the show take until the end.

Either way, there’s enough here to enjoy the ending at least hints that things are going to take an intriguing turn in the future.

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