The Big Door Prize – Season 1 Episode 9 “Deerfest: Part One” Recap & Review

Deerfest: Part One

Episode 9 of The Big Door Prize starts with Mr Johnson contemplating his magic career. He looks over his book of tricks at his store before Xander shows and the pair discuss their current fortunes. Xander has used gum (which is his card!) to fix up the radio that Dusty threw out.

Now, it would seem that this is actually part of the Morpho machine, given it happens to have the butterfly emblem on the lid of the box.

Elsewhere, Dusty brings up Izzy’s betrayal in bed and the pair are unable to sleep. Dusty decides they need to cut off Izzy and not speak to her again. Not only that but Dusty has had a premonition about his Whistler card. He doesn’t know what it means exactly but it could be related to his skiing. Cass also points out that something shifted in her psyche after receiving the Royalty card.

Given these guys are chatting at 2am and being rather loud, Trina comes in with a defeatist attitude and decides hey, let’s chat cards. She points out her cheating on Kolton with Jacob and how her card reads liar, leading to her feeling conflicted and confused.

With the truth finally out, Cass apologizes to Trina that she didn’t feel like she could confide in them. Oh, and in the middle of all this, Cass reveals the truth that Giorgio is wearing a wig.

After an eye-opening dinner, in which Dusty’s father ends up in a new bromance with Giorgio, rocking up in a Giorgio jacket no less, Trina heads into school and decides to reveal the truth about her and Jacob to everyone. She jumps on the PA and decides to face her fears, confessing her love for Jacob. Oh, and she also does the morning announcements too.

The whole thing doesn’t go to plan, and as Principal Pat gets involved, secrets are unveiled in the middle of the whole class, and the whole thing is hilariously mismanaged. Honestly, this is arguably the best bit of humour in the whole show. Alas, I digress.

Dusty points out that the Morpho machine has actually really helped he and Cass open up and decide they want more from their life. Dusty has a lightbulb moment in all this, believing that the Morpho cards are not there to tell them what they need to do with their lives and what job to do, it’s an arrow to point them in the right direction, with the Liar and Hero cards using as a way to channel their own behaviours and face their fears.

That afternoon, Jacob sits with his father and they discuss what’s happened after Kolton’s death. Beau is actually happy with this new saloon in the garage and it’s genuinely made him happy.

With a chainsaw in hand, they pull a practical joke at Dusty’s door, scaring him half to death when Beau pretends to be super mad and wanting revenge. In reality, Beau actually respects that Trina told him first before anyone else regarding Kolton.

Jacob is here too and he decides to invite Trina to go to Deerfest with him that night. It’ll be their first official  date together and everyone is on board. Beau celebrates with turning the chainsaw on but of course, nobody else is particularly happy about this. However, the group all eventually head out and decide to go to this big party.

At Deerfest, Urie is worried. After getting the “Sole Survivor” card, he’s concerned that the impending storm could cause disaster for their plans and if lightning strikes? Well, that’s definitely not good news, what with all the rides here.

Father Reuben isn’t at Deerfest though, he heads back to the bar where he finds Hana patching up the holes in the backroom. This is actually Hana’s room, given she stays at the bar. Reuben opens up and admits the truth.

Reuben doesn’t want to be a priest anymore and he’s quite clearly in love with her. Thunder rumbles outside as the pair kiss, while the eerie blue glow from the Morpho machine illuminates Mr Johnson who tries to use the weird radio to try and work the machine.

Well, nothing seems to work so Johnson decides to open the machine up. An alarm blares when he tries, eventually leading to him getting an electric shock and blasting backward. However, in doing so he sports several blue dots over his neck.

The Episode Review

The Big Door Prize delivers one of its best episodes yet, and it’s about time. The blend of humour and drama here is absolutely spot on, with the entire sequence inside Dusty’s classroom hilarious and well timed. Similarly, the show manages to do a great job elevating the mythos around this machine, expanding on what we learned last week, by adding in elements that show that, actually, these cards are just arrows leading toward you taking the steps to better your life.

The interpretation of these cards over time has been one of the more fascinating elements of the show. The Priest card for Reuben now seems to be an indicative arrow toward him embracing his own fears and desires, not wanting to be a priest anymore.

However, despite all of this the show has been overlong and dragged out, with many redundant chapters, given these guys all spill over into other stories anyway. The ending does promise lots of drama moving into next week’s finale though!

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