The Big Door Prize – Season 1 Episode 7 “Giorgio” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of The Big Door Prize begins with Giorgio discussing his big dreams of running his own restaurant one day to Hana. After they’ve just slept together, she’s not really in the mood to chat. In fact, she slips away before they can have a deep, meaningful chat.

In the morning, Giorgio prepares for a big fundraiser as Giorgio briefs his team about what they can expect. After inspecting everyone’s cards (including Trina’s which reads “gondolier”) he gets everyone all set up ready to go for the big night.

Cass gets dressed up with a lavish dress, which immediately sees Giorgio decide Dusty needs to vanish when he greets her outside the restaurant. Naturally, he sends Dusty off to get ice, with “Gum”. The guy is actually a kid from Dusty’s history class called Xander, and the pair discuss teaching methods.

Inside Giorgio’s, the whole place has been transformed into a tribute to Cass, with all her favourite items from Italy, and a lovely blue colour code. Giorgio does also, briefly, open up about his family and the issues with his dad but it’s quite cryptic and it’s clear there’s some demons there that he’s not quite ready to unveil.

When Izzy arrives, it of course causes issues as she questions the whole nature of this “Potential Fund” and who the $10k is actually going to be for, including who the “special teen” will be.

Before that is decided, Giorgio gives a special presentation, including a big video bigging himself up, while Hana talks to Father Reuben at the back about Giprgio’s inflated ego. She lets slip that she’s slept with him (the scene at the start of the episode) and Father Reuben is not exactly thrilled about it.

While this is going on, Gum and Dusty head off to see Jacob, where they all decide to smoke weed together, mostly to help Dusty’s anxiety. Dusty is worried about Cass, believing that she’s completely outgrown him and he doesn’t want to be left on his own.

Back at the fundrasier, Cass is having trouble raising the funds, as no one seems to be contributing. Giorgio steps up and decides to try and raise some cash himself. However, it ends up with everyone buying Giorgio’s stuff, including his framed jersey and a whole bunch of photos of him.

After the big night, Cass and Giorgio discuss their dreams. Specifically, of Cass not reaching for hers due to various circumstances. Giorgio opens up too about how he’s been in love with her for a long time. He had serious issues wrapping his head around her marrying Dusty, heartbroken over this occurence. As Giorgio steps up and looks set to kiss Cass, Trina gets involved and saves the day.

Back home, Cass confronts Dusty about him bailing that night. She claims not to be mad, but she very clearly is and when she leaves the room, Giorgio rings again and tries to pick up where they left off. “Enough Giorgio. No more.” She says, and hangs up.

As the episode closes out, Izzy breaks into the corner shop with the intention of destroying the MOPRHO machine. However, Jacob is there to stop her.

The Episode Review

So another episode of The Big Door Prize comes and goes, and this time we get things from Giorgio’s perspective. However, we don’t actually learn a whole lot about his past, beyond the fact he’s putting on a facade and he’s deeply unhappy, thanks to his love for Cass.

The show fails to take the opportunity to dive into Giorgio’s history, along with flashes of his childhood, with cryptic clues staying in the shadows and the attention once more shifting back to Cass and Dusty. It seems by now that this is a recurring issue in the show and it’s a shame because there’s some interesting players in this that haven’t been given the chance to shine.

With the attention shifting to Izzy next time around, it’ll be interesting to see exactly what direction this one takes, and whether the spotlight will, ironically, not shine on Izzy but Dusty and Cass instead.

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