The Big Door Prize – Season 1 Episode 6 “Beau” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of The Big Prize Door begins with Beau venting about his job. He works as a driver on the ice hockey rink and he feels like he’s not respected in his role. As a result, he decides to quit. And why? Well, the MORPHO Machine has spat out “Sherriff” as his card and he’s going to make good on that prediction.

This also explains the chainsaw situation last episode, as it turns out Beau is actually working to make his own saloon. Every sheriff needs a saloon of course, so this explains what he was doing. Beau also starts investigating who Trini cheated on Kolton with.

Jacob hasn’t been returning Trini’s texts or messages, still unsure why she told his dad about her cheating. While they talk outside the gymnasium, inside Dusty has become the new coach, on Principal Pat’s orders. However, his rousing speech doesn’t go down well, prompting Giorgio to show up immediately exuding charisma, riling the kids up and showing off a shirt that says “Superstar”.

Speaking of superstars, Sherriff Beau arrives and begins asking questions, determined to figure out which of the basketball guys is a cheater. He’s determined to push them to the limit and test their mental strength, believing one will break and admit the truth. The truth that Jacob is hiding. So naturally, all the tactics Beau uses doesn’t work, and it’s awkwardly contrived, especially when he mentions the attractiveness of each boy. When Dusty calls him out for it, Giorgio undermines him and points out how charismatic Tucker is, and how he must get a lot of action from the ladies.

Cass decides Mr Johnson should try and churn out a profit by using the MORPHO machine to sell merchandise. After hustling, Cass next looks into her past and tries to figure out what the Royalty part of her card actually means. Trini’s friend Suzanna also hustles, apologizing to Trini for shrugging her off last episode. She also knows that she and Jacob are hanging out, and broaches the subject of asking him out. Trini smiles thinly and agrees. When the girls head home, they hear Cass discussing whether to throw a fundraising gala for the kids to help them out with their career prospects.

Beau encourages all the kids to head back to his makeshift saloon, where Giorgio winds up Dusty about Cass, prompting Dusty to lash out at the boxing machine. The same machine that Beau tries to flaunt his masculine power over to beat Tucker, who effortlessly scores the top prize.

Eventually Cass arrives to pick her drunk and angry husband up, while Trini visits Jacob again and decides they shouldn’t see each other anymore. Jacob hands over one of the blank cards and tells her she can be whatever she wants to be. However, the pair go their separate ways.

Back outside the saloon, Beau figures out that Jacob is the one who was dating Trini behind Kolton’s back. He keeps it together until Jacob tells him that it’s over between them, and as he heads back inside, instead of kicking off he actually comforts Jacob in a surprise move. As the episode closes out, we cut across to Giorgio, where we find out he’s actually wearing a wig.

The Episode Review

The Big Prize Door continues with another episode that touches on different characters outside our main couple, but struggles to actually justify their involvement, given the attention keeps swinging back to Dusty and Cass.

The problem with this method is that the character arcs for these two are basically done, and have been for a while. Yet, the show continues to use them as an anchor, even though the comedy and emotion is actually stronger, and far more effective, coming from the other characters around them,

Although the episode itself does have its moments, it’s also a little unfocused too, which is a shame.

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