The Big Door Prize – Season 1 Episode 2 “Cass” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of The Big Door Prize begins with the perspective shifting across to Dusty’s wife, Cass. She complains about Dusty’s outdated tastes but as they head round the General Store, the conversation with her friend Nat turns to the MORPHO machine. Cass is encouraged to give it a whirl, and she does just that.

So what does her card say? Well, it says “royalty”. This keeps her up at night, which coincides with Dusty heading home after using the machine at the end of episode 1. Dusty admits he went for a walk after using the machine and has now come to terms with his fortune. When Cas shows off her card, depicting “royalty”, Dusty questions her about it, and specifically about her lying about not using the machine when she did.

After this brief encounter, Cass heads out for her usual day routine. She’s been making her own T-shirts and with her mum owning a store sporting all sorts of quirky and offbeat souvenirs, she wants her mum to present her shirts…but she refuses. She gives Cass a hard time, and as we find out later on, this passive aggressive attitude comes from her giving up her initial dream of being a dancer (which is what her card says) after Cas was born.

Someone else having a hard time though is Jacob, who seems to have been given a bad card from the MORPHO machine. Dusty questions him about the card in class but Jacob decides to leave, heading off to smoke a joint in the woods. However, he hears cries coming from nearby, which happens to be Principal Pat. She’s fallen off her bike and needs help. Naturally, he phones 911 and gets authorities to come out.

That night, the family dinner (Dusty’s delayed, delayed birthday celebration) goes ahead. It’s an awkward encounter, especially as Dusty’s parents announce that they’ve decided to take a different course in life. They’re getting divorced, with his mum moving across to Europe for a year while his father is getting into male modelling, as per the MORPHO machine cards and how they’ve interpreted it.

Cass sees the bright side of all this, but Dusty is convinced that this is one step too far. Although Cass is itching to broaden her horizons, Dusty does not, he’s happy where he is. Inevitably, this causes a rift between them. Cass wants to be a mum that Trina admires, and part of that includes getting back to her roots, where she felt happy and free in the vineyards in Italy. She admits to Trina that she wants her card, Royalty, to mean something.

Funnily enough, Cas decides on a new T-shirt to sell, one that says “Royalty” printed across the front. She marches up to her mum in her store, deciding that she doesn’t have a monopoly over her gear and is going to go her own way, snatching up a whole bunch of pillows and leaving.

As the episode closes out, we cut back to Jacob at the General Store, who shows off his card to Mr Johnson. One word makes up his card: “Hero”.

The Episode Review

The little twist with the “royalty” shirt at the end is a nice nod toward interpreting these cards however you want. This is also reinforced through how Dusty’s parents have decided to go their own way too, seemingly just staying together for the sake of Dusty, which is never a good plan.

While slower than the first chapter, the drama is still intriguing and this show definitely raises some interesting questions about destiny and how we interpret our own path in life.

This also feeds into the whole optimistic/pessimist perspective too, with some seeing their cards as an ill omen and others seeing it as a chance to branch out.┬áSo far, this has been an enjoyable series and it’ll be interesting to see what direction this one takes next.

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